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18 Sep ’13

Beirut Art Fair September 19-22, 2013 | Events





Building on the success of the three last editions, BEIRUT ART FAIR in Lebanon, stands out as a leading platform for the promotion of contemporary art & design of the ME.NA.SA countries (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) as well as the Mediterranean region and beyond.

The growing participating galleries allowed collectors, international professionals & amateurs, to discover the artistic wealth of an emerging market, that hasn’t stopped growing over the last ten years.

BEIRUT ART FAIR has enlightened collectors’ appetite to all art forms: paintings, sculptures, designs, installation art, video and photography. The many sales, during the three last editions, are but a proof, of the success! On a larger scale, artists from the diversified region have found in BEIRUT ART FAIR an important platform to express themselves beyond the usual ideological barriers, which helped enhance their visibility.

Beirut, which is the historical meeting between the East and the West regions, remains a privileged destination for cultural lovers.

Scheduled from the 19th to the 22nd of September 2013, the fourth edition promises new surprises to collectors and art lovers.

24 Jul ’13

Massive Graffiti Wall In Beirut | O1NE

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O1NE is a club by Sky Management which will open this December near Biel. The facade of 2500 sq.m is being transformed to one of the largest privately owned grafitti murals in the world if not THE largest. Graffiti as an art is now one of the most loved arts in the Middle East, probably because it reprsents freedom of expression and thought, something we have been yearning for. 16 international artists are currently working on the project. Follow @o1ne_beirut on instagram to witness the progress of this beautiful project.


7 May ’13

Beautiful Illustrations by Mads Berg | Graphic Design

I came across these lovely vibrant illustrations by Mads Berg, a Danish illustrator who is specialized In posters and brand illustrations.


17 Oct ’12

The Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic | Art

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With the aim to surpass the previous world record for the largest coffee bean mosaic held by artist Saimir Strati, Russian artist Arkady Kim revealed her beautiful work which she called Awakening. Her mural had to meet requirements related not to the span of the artwork, but rather to the weight of the beans.



29 Aug ’12

Celebrities Made Out Recycled Cassettes | Art

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To be able to use such a simple material and make something so beautiful out of it is what we know as art.

In her series ‘Ghost in the Machine’,Princeton-based artist Erika Iris showcases a number of portraits of musicians made out of recycled cassette tape with original cassette. Also included are portraits made from old film and reels. She was inspired by philosopher Gilbert Ryle. She says she imagines”we are all, like cassettes, thoughts wrapped up in awkward packaging”.

“Most of my pieces become portraits of people associated with the item I’ve chosen. I don’t really add any paint or pigments… I usually just take things apart and re-arrange the pieces, cutting away portions when necessary. A lot of my art is made with cassette tapes and old film reels in a series I call “Ghost in the Machine.”


28 Aug ’12

The Street Art Bag Competition By Sarah’s Bag

Sarah’s Bag is a growing company known for beautiful bags made in Lebanon and worn by fashionistas everywhere. The bag featured in their banner is my favorite from their collection, they have amazing products and deliver internationally. You can shop the collection online. If you are in the area  on September 5th, make sure to pass by and participate. Good luck!

Check out their website: Sarah’s Bag


30 Jul ’12

Lovely Geometric Illustrations For The Olympics 2012 | Art


For this year's London Olympics, Chris Tsevis, a Greece-based visual designer, created illustrations for three different sports as part of Yahoo's coverage of this great event. The sports covered in these images were for diving, gymnastics, and running.

Loved the vibrant colors and geometric interpretation of movement which is generally interpreted in more fluid forms. Lovely work!

27 Jul ’12

Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

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Want to eat fashionably? Well Louis Vuitton obsessed people can now “admire” this waffle maker designed by Los Angeles based artist Andrew Lewicki as a piece of art, a sculpture.

This time, fashionistas who are already dreaming of soft, yummy, branded waffles in the morning will have to wait, as this branded waffle maker is not for sale.

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