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22 Jun ’15

Un Peu De Kil Shi among Top Design Blogs in Lebanon and the Region | Media

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Arab Ad June 2015


ArabAd featured in their June 2015 issue the top design blogs in Lebanon and the region. I am proud Un Peu De Kil Shi is among them. To view the magazine you can check out their digital magazine, or get a copy from bookstores.


6 Oct ’13

The Average Woman From Around The World

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A group of experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, have published a collection of images that summarize average faces of women from around the world. The photos were generated by aligning multiple pictures of female volunteers and compositing them together to create an approximate “average face.”


30 Aug ’11

Eid Mubarak

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After a whole month of fasting for many Muslims, today the first day of Eid falls. Whatever your traditions are and how you go about spending this day, I really hope you have a blessed Eid.

I hope the coming year will be better in every way for  every one of you, may God bless us all with good days ahead.

Eid Mubarak, and remember life is back to normal now, so expect a season of work-overload ahead. Good luck  and enjoy the holiday!

8 Oct ’10

The Story of Life…

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This is a beautiful video that shows going back to basics is all we need, Thank You Tarek J for posting this video.




19 Aug ’10

My First Post

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This is an introductory post for those wondering what this blog really is about.

I wanted this blog to be a resource yet a fun approach to everything related to interior design, furniture, and all other items that contribute to making our life more beautiful. Posts related to food & well being as part of this enhancement will be posted as well. I am a bit shaky at the beginning of this journey, hope you will come along and share your views.

There will be regular and organized posts by day of the week to encounter issues such as green architecture and design, designers from around the world, tips for designing, inquiry section, even daily life enjoyments such as food and its presentation.

Can’t wait to share with you 🙂

Sahar 🙂

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