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24 Nov ’13

The Detox Diet: A personal Experience

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Two weeks ago, my best friend and I decided to go ahead with a 3-Day detox program. We have done it before but not with a specialized company. The last detox was homemade relying on Dr. Oz’s 3-day detox. The first time it was hard to the extent we had a whole adverse reaction right after it although analyzing it, it is much more filling and varied than the one we did with the company. The Dr. Oz detox had healthy fats such as Avocados, almond butter, coconut oil etc.., this one didn’t, it was more vegetable based, and funny because this is the ‘Beginner’s’ level’ I wonder what the advanced level would look like!  I didn’t find it difficult the second time, in fact when I reminded myself that it is almost over, it got easier.



I contacted Re, one of the local companies dedicated to healthy detox juices, and they informed me that they will be sending the juices the night before the detox for 3 nights. I did the order a few days in advance which is one of their rules and makes sense. My complaint was that they never informed me that I should stop dairy, red meats, and high carb meals a couple of days before starting, I had to read it off their booklet AFTER receiving the juices. Doing such a drastic diet, I would have preferred to have done it perfectly to get the best results.  As a matter of fact, I have to Read more at MyFitnessHub just to ensure I am doing it right, my health should be the top priority and I deserve best result. The 6 juices of the first day were delivered in an ice box the night before the detox. With the juices, I received a nice informative booklet with FAQ’s to help out with the most common inquiries and a simplified summary of the benefits and what to expect during the detox. Also there were tips on helping yourself make the most of it by distressing, doing massages, simply focusing on you and your body during that phase. I found that it really helps.



The juices for the 3 days were typical, only Juice number 2 was swapped with a pineapple version the second day and was really good. I found drinking them is much easier using a straw, you wouldn’t have to smell Kale or beetroot etc.. and it would take me 1/2 a minute to finish it, I am not much of a vegetable person, I don’t enjoy them. Juices 1 and 3 are identical, and very green but tolerable. Juice 2 is refreshing I liked it. They say you have to space your drinks 2 hours apart. I spaced them further so I won’t end up having the last one at 7pm and starve throughout the night. Juice number 4 is a spicy lemonade which reminded me of the Lemonade diet I did for 4 days a year or more ago. The first 4 juices I took them during working hours. I wouldn’t do such a drastic diet on a weekend, I don’t think I can pull it off.


photo 3


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Drink number 5, to me, tasted really strong, maybe because I am not a beetroot juice fan, but I kept reminding myself of the benefits I would be getting out of this. On the first night I scheduled for an at home manicure & pedicure while sipping on this. I feel during such a  change, we should pamper ourselves to make up for any deprivation we might feel at a moment of weakness.


photo 1 (3)

The last drink of the day is the sweetest and most filling. A bit too sweet to my taste, but with clear juices all day, this was a savior. I would take it at 10pm because I sleep at 12AM, this way I will make sure I will stay full through the night. it says on the bottle ‘Restore & repair’, which is true, your body needs such nutrients to repair through the night specially after a long day of clear and very light juices, this alone has 480 calories as much as the 5 juices of the entire day. The dates & the almonds are filing and high in proteins and minerals to help our body restore.

On the last day of the detox I scheduled for a relaxing massage, the practitioner told me my back was full of air and water, she told me this is a sign of toxins, when I told her I was detoxing, she said that’s probably where it is accumulating prior to release.

One of the perks of the program was the daily morning motivational message a dietitian from Re would send out, you can ask her questions and even nag. This was a nice touch.

I was really excited when it  was over, but you have to remember it is very important to EASE in after it’s over. I planned with my friend the next day to start with a smoothie: banana, almond or coconut milk, berries, raw honey, & flaxseeds. For lunch we decided to go to a new place called GIA and try out their yummy Quinoa salad with a filet of fish. We took extra orders of the quinoa because it was amazing and would help us if we got hungry to not eat the wrong thing. All day and throughout the diet, I was drinking white tea, Dandelion tea, and chamomile. It would help detox and fill my time so I won’t feel the need to munch on anything.


1- drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning, if you are used to coffee then have green tea with a slice of lemon instead, this way your headaches will be easier in case you suffer from withdrawal.

2- try to use this period to get off smoking if you do smoke.

3- drink herbal tea, white tea, dandelion, chamomile, anis, anything that will halp you calm down and detox your system

4- take care of yourself, use toning oils, dress nicely, it will all help with you feeling energized and fresh.

5- the most important tip is drinking lot of water to help flush the toxins from your system

6- you might have a white tongue in the morning, try scraping it as much as you can, other symptoms might include diarrhea so don’t be scared.

7- once the detox is over, take it easy, try to avoid dairy, red meats, high carb foods as much as possible at least for 2 days.

Below I will list the suppliers I know of and their instagram accounts as links, this way you can follow them and choose which one you prefer: :

In Kuwait:

Re_Kuwait : +965 99115662

Juice Junkie  : +965 66159035

Baking Tray  : +965 1 842887

Nutri Juice  : coming soon (follow their account for updates).

In Lebanon:

Qi Juices :  +961 1 427704


  1. Thanks for sharing up your personal experiences about detox diet. As far as I came to know about detox diet from your shared experiences I can say that its really well from all side. At present I've been following paleo diet and that's why can not follow detox. Anyway, thanks once again.

    Comment by Gray — 3 Dec ’13 @ 3:05 pm

  2. Thank you 🙂 detox is just a temporary cleanse, but Paleo is a lifestyle and is much more durable and healthy. Good luck 🙂

    Comment by Sahar — 3 Dec ’13 @ 11:13 pm

  3. The diet sounds fine and beneficial, but I still have doubts about detox – after reading that there is no such thing because the liver and kidneys do all the detox we need. Generally of course, the sort of detox you have described is a modified fast in many ways, and the body really appreciates this. Anyway, good luck to you and thanks for the detailed information.

    Comment by Suzie — 19 Dec ’13 @ 5:54 am

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