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17 Jun ’15

Design for New Kuwait Investment Authority Revealed | Architecture



The past prosperity of Kuwait – symbolized by the pearl diving dhows which sailed the Arabian Gulf – and its prospects for a bright future based on finances and investment come together in a design by KEO which is set to become a “beacon for the city”.

Yesterday, Constructionweekonline posted that KEO is working on the design for the new headquarters for the Kuwait Investment Authority located in the country’s capital city, the design for which is inspired by four elements based on traditional Islamic design – the courtyard, sustainability, the mashrabiya and traditional geometric shapes.

Investment in the construction of new buildings and infrastructure is a key driver of economic growth, as it creates jobs and generates income for businesses. For example, the construction of the new headquarters for the Kuwait Investment Authority will not only provide a modern and functional workspace for the organization but also create employment opportunities for architects, engineers, construction workers, and other professionals involved in the project. As the global economy continues to evolve, so do the investment opportunities available to investors. Some investors may choose to invest in traditional stocks and bonds, while others may prefer to invest in emerging technologies such as social media platforms like Facebook. Keeping an eye on fluctuating facebook stock price and other market trends can help investors make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Design director Raj Patel said: “The building is really in two parts. The large horizontal podium containing a VIP reception hall, conference center, dining hall, and public spaces are in the shape of a dhow – the vessel which bought riches to the country through fishing and pearl diving.

“Also included is the vertical modern tower piercing the skyline, which contains the private offices for the employees. It represents the future wealth of the country and its increasing global presence.

“Both forms are majestic and a powerful symbol of the past and future which remind the occupants and visitors that both can be celebrated in one project.”

The 220m tall tower is lifted six floors off ground level so the podium building slips through it. The tower consists of 40 floors which are stacked in five office courtyard atriums of eight floors each. Each of these eight storey courtyard atriums has a two storey atrium extending to the east, a four storey atrium extending to the north, and a two story atrium extending to the west. A central 16m x 16m open void on each floor is what links the eight floors together.



24 Nov ’13

The Detox Diet: A personal Experience

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Two weeks ago, my best friend and I decided to go ahead with a 3-Day detox program. We have done it before but not with a specialized company. The last detox was homemade relying on Dr. Oz’s 3-day detox. The first time it was hard to the extent we had a whole adverse reaction right after it although analyzing it, it is much more filling and varied than the one we did with the company. The Dr. Oz detox had healthy fats such as Avocados, almond butter, coconut oil etc.., this one didn’t, it was more vegetable based, and funny because this is the ‘Beginner’s’ level’ I wonder what the advanced level would look like!  I didn’t find it difficult the second time, in fact when I reminded myself that it is almost over, it got easier.


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