FirstCrescent597_1 Ext03_ViewSouth001_kb_SAOTA

One of the world’s most popular architecture firm Saota, has designed a beautiful residence again known as the First Crescent residence. Modern and minimal in design, this house has breathtaking views and is making the most of them. Almost transparent, this house has the ocean almost incorporated within the design, there is no need for lavish decorations.

FirstCrescent597_1 Ext07_ViewWest_kb_SAOTA_0

FirstCrescent597_1 Int29_Din_010_kb_SAOTA_0

FirstCrescent597_1 Int36_Liv_005_kb_SAOTA_0

FirstCrescent597_1 Int38_Liv_006_kb_SAOTA_0

FirstCrescent597_1 Int65_Bed3_003_wg_SAOTA_0

FirstCrescent597_1 Int72_Bed3Bath_003_wg_SAOTA_0

FirstCrescent597_1 Int75_Bed3Bath_006_wg_SAOTA_0


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