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19 Oct ’12

Ma Cocotte The Latest Restaurant By Philippe Starck | Restaurant Design

One of the most famous designers in the world,Philippe Starck, has opened the doors to his latest project this current month in Paris, a restaurant set within one of the biggest flea markets in the world, in the Saint Ouen flea market at the northern edge of the city, a site which attracts both tourists and locals.

Ma Cocotte is described by Starck as “a bowl”, triggering childhood memories with all the vintage accessories yet open to a stainless steel kitchen.

In his own words, Starck describes his concept:

My midget, my rabbit, my doe, my poppet, my hen, my quail, ma cocotte.

The canteen designed by Philippe Starck opens its doors in Saint Ouen flea market.

Led by the restaurateurs Philippe & Fabienne Amzalak with Yannick Papin as chef, ma cocotte is a restaurant with 250 seats, divided between an industrial loft and two terraces located on Serpette and Paul Bert markets.

Admirative of flea market society, of its antiquaries, Philippe Starck has always wanted to move there and be like them.

With this restaurant, he realized his childhood dream.

“Ma cocotte is not a restaurant, it's a bowl.

A bowl of hot soup, a bowl of steaming coffee, a bowl of fragrant tea, a bowl of wine…

Ma cocotte, in a beautiful winter morning, is fire, arms welcoming to warm your heart and body.

That's all, but it's a lot.

Welcome home. “


17 Sep ’12

Cotta Cafe Australia By MIM Design | Cafe Design

Cotta is a very trendy cafe in Melbourne, Australia designed by MIM Design making use of a number of lovely natural materials complementing each other in the best way possible. In this project the designers kept the overall image rustic yet with clean and sleek inserts of marble and a beautiful modern central chandelier. Materials used are warm and earthy with steel partitions and variations in seating arrangements, which was my favorite part of the setting.I loved the emphasis on the central axis of the cafe, it's what I would have done.

Mim Design worked on the entire concept including the venue name, graphics & branding, and interior design.

28 Aug ’12

Chico’s Restaurant In Finland | Restaurant Design

It is probably obvious what I loved about this space, the huge mural laid on painted bricks. I know it’s the trend now to use rustic and natural looking finishes,  I had to share this post. I have some comments regarding the design of the entire space but overall I think the designer has some interesting elements.The  old window frames, steel chairs, and bricks were beautifully integrated in the space and allowed the beautiful murals to stand out. This restauarant was designed by Amerikka Design Office.

[nggallery id=5]


From the Designers:

The Chico’s restaurant chain has been serving North American food to Finns since 1991. In spring 2012, the chain’s time-honored Iso Omena (‘Big Apple’) restaurant was reopened with a bold new interior. Amerikka Design Office Ltd. had created a new space concept for the restaurant, designed to support its new food, drink and service concept. Visually, the restaurant underwent a complete transformation.

Diners and staff alike have felt at home in the restaurant: there has been positive feedback on its atmosphere, its spicy details and its solutions which make it easier to serve customers. The positivity is reflected in business figures, too.

The visual standpoint for the restaurant’s look is modern-day USA, manifested through a wild mix of urban pulse and human warmth. The restaurant interior is marked by bold expression, beautifully fading surfaces, genuine materials and murals by painters Juha Lahtinen and Samuli Suonperä.

The restaurant premises are designed to function seamlessly through all seasons and to serve a wide range of requirements. Chico’s invites customers to enjoy lunch, a drink or dinner on their own or with friends. To support the staff in their work, the restaurant facilities also comply with the chain’s service model. The change has been a success and a delight for customers and staff alike.

Amerikka Design Office

26 Jun ’12

Cocteau Lebanon Enters The International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012


Totally independent, the UK and International Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is the world’s only concept of its kind dedicated exclusively to hospitality design.

The Awards invites and receives entries from the world’s top architects, designers and hospitality operators.

Entries come from all types of environment including hotels, transport, business, industry, fine dining, education, sports and leisure, healthcare, government, aviation, cruise and retail.

The judges are a highly influential panel of top design, lifestyle & hospitality personalities, whose role is to recognise and reward entrants for design excellence. The winners of the various categories including the best designed restaurant and the best designed bar, will be announced at the RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London on the 6th September 2012. The shortlist was announced on June 20th, 2012 and included from the Middle East Cocteau restauranr designed by one of my favorite designers: Gregory Gatserelia.


17 Jun ’12

Ammo Restaurant In Hong Kong | Restaurant Design

New York based architects Todd Williams & Billie Tsien were commissioned to create a landmark building for the Hong Kong Asia Society as for their new headquarters.

Joyce Wang, an interior designer who made a great impact only 3 years ago, created an exceptional space using sculptural designs in every item especially the spiral staircase chandeliers made of copper cylinders filling up the 6m high ceiling. These sculptures are repeated 3 times to create a theme. The detailing and finishes are very luxurious, with the use of vevet and leather in addition to the copper.

The source of inspiration for AMMO was derived from a science fiction film noir masterpiece directed by Jean-Luc Godard known as ‘Alphaville’. This particular 1960’s influence is one of the jewel attributes as to why this space has such importance.”

26 Mar ’12

Award Winning DBGB Kitchen And Bar In New York | Restaurant Design

ny 2

DBGB is Chef Daniel Boulud’s downtown place where the French brasserie meets the American tavern. The interior, by Thomas Schlesser of the firm Design Bureaux, Inc. ( Winner of Hospitality Design Best Casual Restaurant Design 2010) is inspired by the Bowery neighborhood of lower Manhattan, well-known for its industrial restaurant supply stores. Floor to ceiling shelving stocked with the restaurant’s own tools, tableware and dry goods overlook a partially open kitchen. Metal restaurant-supply-store shelving creates a hide-and-seek effect between banquettes and the dining room, the dining room and the open kitchen.


25 Nov ’11

Slider Station Goes To Oman | Restaurant Design


Many of the international readers of this blog might have not heard of Slider Station; in Kuwait, however, it’s considered one of the must go to places, crowded all year long. Slider Station’s name is derived from the fact that the main concept evolves around sliders rotating on a conveyor belt. But that’s not what gave the restaurant it’s reputation, the high quality and innovative dishes have become its signature, allowing the owner Mr. Basil Al Salem to open a new branch in Oman and launch new concepts that are just as good such as  Burger Boutique with a branch in Saudi Arabia and the recently created Cocoa Room in Kuwait everyone is raving about.


Mr. Basil Al Salem was kind enough to share these photos on Instagram of the new Slider Station to open in Muscat, Oman tonight. Everyone is expecting it to be a big hit, and there is every reason for it to be. The design is beautiful, I was specially intrigued by the lighting fixtures, but then when you get used to Mr. Salem’s style you would notice his avant garde approach to use of materials, he does not play it safe yet gets it right.

At this Slider Station he focused on the use of rusted metal to give the overall industrial and revolutionary look. The custom made bar stools are simply amazing.The location has a beautiful sea view. Chairs used are the Round Chair by Emu.



Above is the signature Sliders’ conveyor belt and sauces bar.


Love the revolutionary aspect added to the space.







If you are headed to Oman or live there, this is a must visit place, you won’t regret it.

11 Nov ’11

MisuraEmme Design Noir Club Restaurant | Restaurant Design


MisuraEmme is a leading Italian brand specialized in cabinetry, walk-in closets, and furniture. For this project in particular and which they are partners in, MisuraEmme designed Noir Club using changing LED lighting, modern seating, beautiful wall units, and mellow partitions, leaving the area open and subtle. Looking at the space, you could feel its more of a living area than a restaurant, which was the purpose in the beginning. Clubbing in a comforting environment happens to be the trend now. Tables, sofas, and wall units are all part of the MisuraEmme collection.








Noir Club

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