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Many of the international readers of this blog might have not heard of Slider Station; in Kuwait, however, it’s considered one of the must go to places, crowded all year long. Slider Station’s name is derived from the fact that the main concept evolves around sliders rotating on a conveyor belt. But that’s not what gave the restaurant it’s reputation, the high quality and innovative dishes have become its signature, allowing the owner Mr. Basil Al Salem to open a new branch in Oman and launch new concepts that are just as good such as  Burger Boutique with a branch in Saudi Arabia and the recently created Cocoa Room in Kuwait everyone is raving about.


Mr. Basil Al Salem was kind enough to share these photos on Instagram of the new Slider Station to open in Muscat, Oman tonight. Everyone is expecting it to be a big hit, and there is every reason for it to be. The design is beautiful, I was specially intrigued by the lighting fixtures, but then when you get used to Mr. Salem’s style you would notice his avant garde approach to use of materials, he does not play it safe yet gets it right.

At this Slider Station he focused on the use of rusted metal to give the overall industrial and revolutionary look. The custom made bar stools are simply amazing.The location has a beautiful sea view. Chairs used are the Round Chair by Emu.



Above is the signature Sliders’ conveyor belt and sauces bar.


Love the revolutionary aspect added to the space.







If you are headed to Oman or live there, this is a must visit place, you won’t regret it.

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