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14 Feb ’11

Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Romance This Valentine’s

Feng shui, whether directly or indirectly, has become known worldwide and practiced by many people. With the introduction of “The Secret” and “The Power of Now” even more people have been exposed to the power of energy and positive thinking. What was once considered witchcraft and superstation has become a science we all live our daily lives by. In an earlier post I introduced you to the basic steps of Feng Shui and how to apply its principles around your home. Since it is Valentine’s, the day of love and romance, I thought I’d include some tips which can each be applied in 10 minutes or less to enhance your love life and attract it if it is missing. These tips are mainly to be applied to your bedroom and can be used by single or involved people. For clarification Ch’I is the “ flow of energy”, you will be reading this often in the below listed tips.

1- Clear away any clutter or obstacles near the entrance of your bedroom. This enables Ch’i to enter your bedroom easily, invites love to come into your life, unobstructed.

2- Clear passage ways through your bedroom. This enables you and ch’i to move easily through your bedroom and invites to flow smoothly into your life.

3- Dust the furniture in your bedroom. Remove dust and cobwebs, which signify disuse or neglect, to activate your love life. Vacuum or dust the lampshades in your bedroom. Dirty shades dim the amount of your light generated through your lamps so keep them clean to allow ch’i to brighten your love life. However, from here you can access many different furniture pieces  to choose from.

4- Clean under the bed. This cure helps clear away obstacles and problems especially unspoken grudges and resentments.Wash the windows in your bedroom. Clean windows allow ch’i to enter your life. Consider also installing one of the PestPro Thermal Systems to get rid form bedbugs.

5-Don’t let clutter accumulate on your night stand. Clutter distracts and causes confusion, so keep your night stand neat to avoid confusion in your love life.

6- Replace burned-out light bulbs in your bedroom. Any non-functioning items around you could represent a non-functioning part of your life. Preventing burnt out light bulbs will keep romance from burning out in your life. Read this remote control tea lights – easy article to know how they can improve the stay in your bedroom.

7- Put red or pink sheets on your bed. These are the colors of passion and affection, they stimulate love feelings.

8- Place a portable electric fan in your bedroom. Fans stir up “stuck” ch’i and keep your love life from  running stale.

9- Burn bundled sage or sage incense in your room to purify the space especially if you are coming out of an ended relationship and into a new one. This helps get rid of “bad vibes”.

10- Never have a plant with spiky leaves  in the bedroom.

11- Dab on a small amount of perfume each night before going to sleep. Perfume has long been considered an aphrodisiac, and wearing it makes you feel desirable. Jasmine, rose, ylag-ylang, musk, or patchouli are some scents to consider because they are linked with love and passion.

12- Put a scented sachet in you underwear drawer. This cure uses aromatherapy to spark passion in your life. Choose scents associated with love such as rose or jasmine.

13- Hang 3 pictures in a triangular arrangement in your bedroom. The number three stimulates activity and excitement in your love life. Make sure the pictures you choose convey appropriate symbolism.  You should NOT have any photos of relatives or kids.

14- Choose a wooden rectangular frame to promote growth in an existing relationship or to attract a new one.

15- Draw two black wavy lines on a piece of paper and place on your nightstand.  Wavy lines and the color black are symbols of communication. It helps improve that area between you and your partner.

16- Rearrange objects on your dresser, this helps you open up for change.

17- Position your bed so you can see the entrance, if you can’t place a mirror in a position that allows you to see the entrance but NEVER your reflection.

18- Try not to have your bed on a wall that shares it with a toilet. This will affect the affection between you and your partner.

19- Burn two RED candles in the bedroom, the color of passion or two PINK candles if you are looking for affection. Silver candle holders will help if you need to strengthen a woman’s commitment and brass to strengthen a man’s.

20- Place two red or pink throw pillows on your bed. This attracts romance.

21- Write the word “LOVE” on a piece of paper with a red pen, then place the paper in a wood box. This cure focuses your mind on your objective: to attract love.

22- Tie two rings together with a red ribbon and put them on your nightstand. This remedy combines circles (harmony) with red (luck, passion). Rings are powerful symbols of love and commitment.

23- Either hang a picture of two swans in your bedroom, swans mate for life and this is a good image to focus on, place a pair of dove figurines in your bedroom, they are symbols of peace and harmony, or display the number 2 in your bedroom which is the number of partnership.

24- Remove broken jewelry from your jewelry box. Broken objects suggest breaks or impediments.

25- Hang a circular mirror in your bedroom. The circle promotes harmony and the mirror opens up new possibilities. You can also hang a yin/yang symbol which depicts masculine and feminine energies united and balanced.

26- Leave the door to your bedroom open during the day. This allows ch’i to circulate into your bedroom throughout the day, so your love life doesn’t stagnate.

27-Keep the bathroom door closed if it is across or adjoining your bedroom. This is to avoid ch’I from being flushed down the drains.

28-Don’t put your computer in your bedroom to not focus the energy on work instead of love.

29-Put a small stone in each of the four corners of the bedroom. Stones are a symbol of stability and permanence. This cure is good to increase the level of trust and security in a love relationship.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and try to apply them, as you see they are very simple, Happy love hunting if you are single and hope you find the lost romance in your love if you are not!

Happy Valentine’s Day !


  1. amazing, i will apply these tips next valentine

    Comment by jimmy hunter — 17 Feb ’11 @ 6:56 am

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    Comment by Website design — 9 Feb ’15 @ 6:35 pm

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