The Nestlé Chocolate Museum | Architecture


What an interesting concept is the Nestlé Chocolate Museum which is located in Brazil between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The large red glass structured building allows visitors to see the chocolate being produced inside.  The designers of this project are  Metro Brazilian architects.

The purpose of the design is to provide public viewing . The 1850 sq.m structure consists of two towers and an elevated runway, composed of steel and glass.


The Nestlé Chocolate Museum provides a roadmap for the visitors just like any museum, and allows them to experience the entire process of the manufacturing of Nestlé chocolates.








I am definitely visiting this amazing place if I ever go to Brazil! Great architecture and chocolate, what else could I ask for?

Source: Fancy Cribs

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  1. This is superb! Leave it to the Brazilians to make such a masterpiece out of a chocolate manufacturing plant! Would love to visit when and if I ever make it Brazil!

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