reforma house 1


This is a beautiful residential villa in Mexico by Central de Arquitectura emphasizing horizontal stone and concrete structure. The balance in open and closed areas, the harmony in use of materials is just amazing. The water feature, large glass panels, and wooden floor deck suggests the perfect harmonious structure.

reforma house 2

reforma house 3

reforma house 4

reforma house 5

reforma house 91

Viewing images of the interior, however, did not generate the same feelings I had about the exterior. The materials used are stunning and continue from the outside but in a much busier way. Too many shapes were introduced in small zones, I felt if it was simpler, it would have been much more balanced. In such a space it would have been better to make use of the column-free interior.

reforma house 8

reforma house 9

reforma house 7

reforma house 94

reforma house 6

This particular bathroom is actually my favorite part of this house’s interior.

Architecture by: Central de Arquitectura

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