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1 Apr ’15

Peter Marino Designs the New Fendi Flagship Store on Madison Avenue| Retail Design

Peter Marino has been the go-to architect for most of the world’s most luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, & Fendi. The new Fendi flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York is a culmination of the elements he has been using in all the Fendi stores he has worked on. the architecture is inspired by the brand’s Roman roots and is evident in the external columns and use of Travertine stone.


16 Oct ’13

Les Bebes Cupcakery | Shop Design




Les Bébés Cupcakery is a concept bakery shop situated in Taipei, Taiwan. Interior was designed by JC Architecture. What is interesting is the house shaped façade and the fact that it is  transparent with a massive door. The architects built the concept on the box itself and the way it opens and folds, thus creating a coherent project. this is perfectly why branding and architecture should go hand in hand. It looks so clean and fresh!


19 Mar ’12

Zara Opens Its New Concept In New York | Retail Design


At one of the world’s prime fashion destinations, Zara launched its new revamped global concept in New York City.
The new Fifth Avenue Zara is the retailer’s largest outlet in the United States, taking over  3,000 square meters spread over three floors. The store will employ around 450 people.


21 Oct ’11

Godiva Opens In New York With Its New Global Design | Shop Design


Godiva reopened their New York 5th Avenue flagship boutique designed by New York based design firm d-ash design.  It is the first shop in the U.S. featuring Godiva’s new global redesign.

The opening of this flagship store marks the highly anticipated return of the chocolatier to 5th Avenue, as the first Godiva boutique in the U.S. opened on the same avenue in 1972. The 1,024 square foot shop features a stunning street level window that suggests the degree of detail one can expect both in Godiva’s decadent Belgian chocolate confections as well as in the décor of the flagship boutique that houses them.
The d-ash design team (led by David Ashen) partnered with Linda Lombardi, Godiva’s Vice President of Global Store Design & Visual Merchandising, to create the new concepts, which brings a more luxurious, immersive retail environment to the company’s worldwide operations. Together, Lombardi and Ashen have fashioned an eye-catching aesthetic that pays tribute to Godiva’s venerable Belgian heritage while presenting a fresh face to the world, with clean, modern interiors where as Ashen puts it “chocolate is the star.”
The interiors are characterized by handsome wood accents and bright creams, rendered in an array of rich materials, and an elegantly backlit Lady Godiva emblem overlooks the shop from behind the cashier’s wall, an homage to the brand’s tradition.






ABOUT d-ash design
d-ash design is a New York-based interior design firm that combines innovative design with functionality. Their portfolio of work includes hotels, restaurants and retail stores, among others. David Ashen, President, is sought out for his unique ability to extend a brand, embrace a concept and make it come to life. Global brand leaders in major Fortune 500 companies have relied on d-ash design to analyze cultural nuances and regional behaviors to design visionary spaces throughout the world including the U.S, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, France, England, and Brussels. He has been the recipient of the “Wave of the Future” award by Hospitality Design, “Rising Star in Interior Design” award by the Fashion Group International, and was named “One of Ten to Watch” by New York Magazine. Current work includes projects in New York, Washington D.C., Charlotte, and Istanbul.

16 Jun ’11

Carlo Pazolini Boutique in Milan | Shop Design

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Giorgio Borruso Design was  hired to design the Carlo Pazolini boutique in Milan located near the Duomo. The space is  4,150 square feet that formerly belonged to a McDonald’s. The main aim of the boutique is to display the brand’s shoes, however, the design approach is what is actually interesting.

Borruso wanted an artistic look that would display the relationship of shoes with feet, i.e. how shoes embrace the foot. Using felt material in collaboration with none other than Paola Lenti, he was able to make felt shaped into a leaf, the major part of his theme design. Another major attraction point is the combination of colors which are very vibrant and make a huge impact all the way outside the boutique through the massive 8 arches in the façade.






5 Mar ’11

Theurel & Thomas Delightful Shop| Shop Design

Theurel & Thomas is the first pâtisserie in Mexico specialized in French macarons, the most popular dessert of the French pastries. Anagrama, obviously branding pioneers, realized that in order to emphasize the unique value if such a brand is to focus on the product itself. In this case the product is a delightful French dessert known for its beautiful colors and simple shape.


White was their primary tool for design. It was the background and every detail of the shop, to act as a cushion to the lovely macarons. Due to the colorful macarons, any other color would have clashed and absorbed the attention. Just looking at this white space gives a heavenly feeling, personally I had to stop working on this post several times.


24 Feb ’11

Kirk Originals Opens Flagship store | Shop Design

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I love how the UK based designers at Campaign came up with such an artistic and bold concept for Kirk Originals eyewear London flagship store. The shop is located on Conduit street and has become a design icon in a very short time.


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