Located in one of Lebanon’s hottest area, Add Mind have just opened up a new open air nightclub replacing the famous White, one of the most popular nightlife venues in the past few years. The management for the new restaurant/lounge hired .PSLAB to come up with a hip and creative custom lighting design for the rooftop club, and so they did.

The space is narrow and thus .PSLAB decided to create a dynamic aspect to that linearity defined by the v-shape installation of the lighting fixtures. The significance of the revealed bulbs added warmth to the open-air space.

The lighting fixtures were designed in tree complementary designs depending on the space or areas they are located in.






About .PSLAB

Founded in 2004, and with 100 team members working out of four city bases in Europe and the Middle East, .PSLAB are designers and manufacturers of site-specific lighting products. Their work can be found in private homes in London, conceptual boutiques in Antwerp, restaurants in Cairo and art galleries in Beirut – and in gardens, events and public spaces worldwide. We have also been internationally awarded for many of our lighting products. Their pieces are individual to particular spaces, and are manufactured by .PSLAB, in their own private factory.


About Iris

Taking over White, which is relocating to a larger venue, Iris is the newest addition to the Addmind family, the mother company behind White, Eight, Gem, Rococo, White Coast, Cassis, Dome, and O. Hoisted atop downtown and tucked away from the chaos of the city, Iris is the ideal place to casually wind down after work or enjoy an exquisite meal at dinner. Far more than just another bar added to Beirut’s nightlife repertoire, Iris seamlessly combines an elegant restaurant with a laidback rooftop lounge.
Iris’ varied seating allows guests to enjoy exceptional food and drink at any point in their evening. The lounge and bar area opens everyday from 6pm till late and caters to both the post-work/post-beach crowd at sunset and the night owls past midnight. Dinner guests come in from 8:30pm and usually linger well beyond the dessert course.

An Nahar Building 8th Floor Martyrs Square Beirut Lebanon (961) 3 09 09 36


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