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19 May ’11

Holyfields Restaurant in Germany: Time to Eat

Designed by to keep up with today’s pace and trends, the new German restaurant chain: Holyfields allows clients to experience fun for a  reasonable price. Their concept was derived from the fact that they didn’t want people wasting their breaks waiting in line, on the contrary their aim was to facilitate their experience by using sophisticated technology to process their meal orders in order to spend as much time at the comfort of their seat.


The restaurant is designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group , an internationally operating design studio based in Stuttgart, Germany.

The open-plan space means the visitor can see the far end of the longitudinal axis from the entrance area. This far wall is home to the food counter, prominently encompassed by a funnel-shaped, floor-to-ceiling copper wall. In front of this backdrop stands a broad stainless steel counter. Its front surface is printed with the folds of an imaginary white tablecloth, while its mirrored pedestal reflects the motif of contrasting table legs first encountered in the host counter. The food counter is more like the buffet at a party than a traditional serving counter. Here food distribution is celebrated in style.







Frankfurt, Germany

Peter Ippolito
Gunter Fleitz
Michael Bertram
Bartlomiej Pluskota
Tilla Goldberg
Tim Lessmann
Moritz Köhler
Jörg Schmitt
Joss Hänisch

Pfarré Lighting Design  (Lighting Design)
Loved GmbH  (Communication Design)

Zooey Braun
Ippolito Fleitz Group

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