Photographer From Lebanon: Fady Nammour | Photography

Fady Nammour is a Lebanese photographer whose talent can not be missed.The way he captures landscape and natural scenery is just breathtaking. I selected a few of my favorite photos from his collection to share them with you.

Through his lens  you get to relive the moment he captured. There is no need to say much, checking out the photos is enough to take you where they took me.









You can follow him on  twitter and check his Flickr photo stream for more.

3 Replies to “Photographer From Lebanon: Fady Nammour | Photography”

  1. Nice work, the photos look really good.

    What bothers me is that even though the pictures look really good, they also seem kind of derivative to me. It’s nothing you don’t already see tons of laying around the web. It’s missing a bit of its own special personality, I guess it’s a matter of time..

    Cheers !

  2. Fadi, well the web is a big big place 🙂 Even writings and tons of stuff are no longer that different.

    Moreover you shouldn’t mix the idea of photography vs photoshop and “lego-building”. IMO, and you might not agree, landscape is landscape and this is Fady’s specialty, so in Lebanon, he’s not going to move a mountain the way he likes 😛 he just captures what he sees. Having said that, I’ve went photoshooting with Fady several times, I remember packing my cam and going back because I saw nothing, and on those specific photos he “saw” and “took”, turned out to be very remarkable.

    My point is, please don’t be bothered 😛

    1. Ozzi, I’m not saying he’s a bad photographer, far from it, and I have no doubt that he has an eye for things to shoot.
      All I’m saying is that his work, it seems to me, lacks that certain something (call it character, personality..) that would make it unique.

      My point is, opinion is free 🙂
      Cheers !

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