When I first started this blog, luxury pens and specifically the limited edition ones released by Mont Blanc were among my most popular posts. I particularly loved the one they released for John Lennon, actually it’s still my favorite. And now  many pens later, Mont Blanc releases the Albert Einstein limited edition pens.



Montblanc released a collection of pens to celebrate the genius of a man that managed to redefine people’s perception towards the world we live in. The Albert Einstein Limited Edition Collection is composed of: The Albert Einstein Limited Edition 99  and Albert Einstein Limited Edition 3000. The numbers, 99 and 3000, were not randomly chosen. They are strongly connected to the scientist’s work. The Limited Edition of 99 was inspired by the chemical element Einsteinium, which has an ordinal number of 99. As expected, The Limited Edition of 3000 refers to the speed of light, which happens to be 3,000 m/s.



This exclusive writing instruments represent wonderful objects of art, being crafted with care and attention towards details. With a precious design, the pens exude style and sophistication. The “99 Edition” pens are crafted from 750 solid white gold. “The body is covered with a skeleton net with a filigree overlay representing the space-time curve, Einsteinʼs disruptive discovery that demonstrated how in his universe, space and time are no longer flat but can pushed and pulled, stretched and warped by matter.” On the cone of the pens there are engraved Einstein’s most famous formulas. The “3000 Edition” pens have platinum-covered barrels and dark blue lacquer caps. “The barrel of the pen also has Einstein’s most famous formulas engraved on it.  The pen features a 750 gold nib and a sapphire glass covered Montblanc emblem.” This collection included 1,500 roller balls and 1,500 ballpoint pens.



Mont Blanc

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