iida and Alessi are collaborating to release distinctive phones designed with three world renowned designers, namely, Marcel Wanders, Patricia Urquiola, and Stefano Giovannoni. The idea behind this project was to ‘help you feel wonder each time you use a mobile phone, to enable you to anticipate unprecedented ways of communicating, to give you the power to realize a lifestyle of freedom, liberated from preconceived notions, finding ways to embody the freshest ideas and never failing to stimulate your sensibility—this is the essence of iida’s mission.’ The project was revealed during DESIGNTIDE 2010, Tokyo held from October 30,2010 till November 3, 2010.

The collaboration with Marcel Wanders is really a hit, the phone looks like a piece of art with detailed craftsmanship. This phone comes in 4 different colors.


Patricia Urquiola is always inspired by culture and intricate designs.  In this project she revealed a fun side of her style. The colors the small details give the distinctive look she is known for. From feminine to robotic, the designs vary.

Stefano Giovannoni wanted to apply some humor to the design he created for iida and Alessi. The concept was to transform the  mobile into “every person’s daily partner”. He expressed this with a circle on the back representing a face with eyes, nose, the black hinges represent the hair. As with every one of these phones there are complementing accessories.

Below is a link to more photos of the phones:



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