Former Renault Factory Now a Green Roofed School

At a time when children are confined to a world of video games, indoor activities, and less resources for a natural environment, this amazing project comes up to make it up for the lucky students who will be attending this school. I don’t ever remember having gardens in our school, but our childhood was full of outdoor activities familiarizing us with the nature around us.

A former Renault factory  is to turn into a “Living” school and gymnasium in the northern French city of Boulogne. Designed by Chariter Dalix this building will be transformed into a green building that encourages native flora to re-grow. The children attending this school will be able to derive their imagination from a natural environment full of greenery and all that come with it.

Just looking at these 3D renderings, you will notice how jolly the ambience is. The garden extends to multiple levels, allowing all indoor areas access to a beautiful and relaxing view. People can also hire roofing services that provide a 10 year workmanship guarantee for all their installations.

One of the great aspects of this projects is not just having “green” gardens, according to Inhabitat, “indigenous plant species will be re-introduced, which, it is hoped, will also draw in birds, bats and other industrious fauna.”

The green areas surrounding the classrooms and play areas will not only allow children to be more creative, such a project helps create a healthy environment within a polluted area. The children will also encounter a direct relationship with the eco-system, something which many children read about only in books nowadays.

Source: Inhabitat

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  1. LOL! I would like to know how u came up with the calculations 😀 u might want to throw in a gallbladder, u know for extra activities 😀 Its still free to dream though 😀

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