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Posted on February 13, 2014 in Lifestyle

cleansing morning

As part of the lifestyle section on this blog, I will be introducing some basic beauty tips that have worked for me and which I have done extensive research on prior to using. This is in no way a replacement for professional help or assessment. I will mention some blogs and websites within my posts that will help you get a more in depth review for certain items or situations.

The first thing to know is that what might work for someone might not work for another, we are all different. Prior to purchasing or using any product, you must first check online reviews from trustworthy sources and see how people reacted to them, you won’t believe how much the comments sections can help with that as well.

The most basic and important part of daily skincare are both cleansing and moisturizing.



No matter what anyone tells you, you MUST cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning. I have been applying this routine for a while now and I am happy with the results, the blogs I have been using as my reference for skincare are : A Model Recommends, Caroline Hirons, & Miss Maven. I check out a lot of blogs, but these 3 make make the most sense to me, and the bloggers behind them have great skin!

Upon waking up:

1- Use a gentle cleanser with tepid water such as Cetaphil. Wash off and gently pat dry your face.

2- Use a gentle exfoliating toner (no apricot scrubs etc..) wipe with a cotton, I use the Clarins Doux Exfolient and I ordered the Aveda Exfoliant toner so I can switch from time to time, then follow by a soothing toner such as Clarins Chamomile toner. For more on the importance of double toning, check this post.

3- Since your skin is now prepared for creams, start with the eye cream, a rich yet light weight moisturizing cream is the Avocado one by Kiel’s, especially perfect for the winter and night time. Older people will require more intensive treatments for wrinkles etc..

4- On your face,  I will recommend you start with a basic treatment. If you are confused on what to use, a very light and beautiful serum is the Hydraquench by Clarins. The texture is similar to water and is absorbed quickly, the sole purpose is extra hydration. Even the oiliest skin needs to be hydrated. After the serum apply a moisturizer for your skin type. A very nice one is the Hydraphase Intense by La Roche Posay. It is light yet very effective, not greasy, no harmful parabens.


nighttime cleansing

5- After you are done with moisturizing, you can apply your sunblock and then head to your usual makeup routine. My Favorite is the one by Clarins, not sticky and very effective.  I always prefer the sunblock to be separate and not part of your regular moisturizer, You can also have it in your foundation, BB cream, or CC cream.

6- after a long day, whether you put makeup or not you have to cleanse and especially if you used SPF, as it is difficult to get rid of. At night it is best you Double cleanse, meaning once to remove makeup, and the second cleansing to make sure nothing is left. The first cleansing could be a make up wipe or cleansing milk, I use the Bioderma Micellar lotion on a cotton pad. it removes even waterproof eye makeup very gently.

7- The second cleansing, I use a balm. Since I started using a balm, I couldn’t go back. My favorites are the Moringa Cleansing Balm by Emma Hardie and Take The Day off by Clinique. I start by massaging it on a dry face for as long as I can, a great thing for blood circulation and it smells amazing too. After that I get a soft towel dampen it with warm/ hot water and apply it to my face. You will see every bit of grime come off. The warm towel is very soothing. You have to use a new towel everyday, just get a pack of 6, you can use any kind doesn’t have to be fancy.

8- After the second cleanse, double tone as you did in the morning and apply your night serum and cream.

After many testimonials from online sources and people around me, almost everyone who tried these steps felt drastic improvements in their skin condition. As I said, there are many serious cases and others that require actual treatment and professional help.


Where to find the above products:

Clarins & Clinique – In most department stores

Emma Hardie- (free international shipping)

La Roche Posay, Bioderma-  In Most Pharmacies & Boots

Kiehl’s- At Kiehl’s shops

Aveda- (free international shipping)


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