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9 Feb ’11

Bare Minerals Makeup | Product Review

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In addition to visiting the lovely Maison & Objet in Paris last month, one of the other highlights of my trip was spending time with my best friend at Sephora. We made it a regular stop during our few days there just to make sure we didn’t forget anything. After shopping around for eyeliners and eye shadows I remembered I needed loose powder, I usually buff it over my foundation for a matte finish. On my way to the Makeup Forever stand, I came across Bare Minerals and remembered how I heard a lot about mineral makeup before. Then my curiosity made me check out their products.


A lovely lady in charge of explaining all you need to know showed up, she was very friendly, not a quality you usually experience in France (no offense but everyone I know agrees to that). She explained briefly how its natural, doesn’t harm your skin, better yet , can be used right after a Laser Hair Removal. She asked me to remove my makeup so she can try it for me. I rejected at first, I told her I was going out for dinner and can’t risk it, she looked at me with confidence, “don’t worry, its much better than the one you have on right now”. I love the idea of being pampered, so I accepted immediately and the magic started. If people want to get shampoo from, this link, they can click here!


First she applied “Prime Time” (photo above),which has vitamins and smoothing agents that are all natural and will help the makeup stay longer.  The feeling of the primer was amazing! its job is to smooth out the surface of the skin to prepare it for the foundation. After that she got the Bare minerals foundation in Fairly light with SPF 15 , put a bit in the lid, got the special brush, swirled, buffed, then applied it in circular motion to my face. The feeling was light, as if there was no makeup yet it created full cover-up. After that she applied the concealer using a special brush, then a bronzer, and the Mineral veil ( same method as foundation), which helps the makeup last and gives a healthy final glow. For oily skin the mineral veil can also be used before the foundation to absorb any excess oil. After that she applied a blush, she used “golden gate” for me. I was amazed with the result. My friend looked at me and was in awe because of the shimmery and light effect the makeup had. We got the starter kit which includes the foundation (in two colors for different seasons), concealer, mineral veil, and more importantly 3 brushes! All of the products are natural, they even claim you can sleep in it ! The kit is for 65 euros and we got de-tax  as well so it went down to even less.

After this experience I don’t think I will be able to go back to regular makeup. One more thing I really appreciated was that it is non-transferable! You can wear your white shirts, or scarves and not worry of having an orange contour all around your collar. Its really amazing. As a next step I think I will try to get the remaining items from the Bare Minerals line. I am sure you will all love it too. Some might think its messy (because its powdery), I had no problems in that issue maybe because I am used to applying loose powder.

You can find Bare Minerals at all Sephora shops worldwide. In Lebanon there is no Sephora, so you’ll have to ask you friends and relatives to get you a kit before they come visit in the summer, just make sure you get your info right and which shade you might need.  For more information on the product you can visit their website on

If you get to try it I’d love to know how it went. Good luck!


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