ALEX TURCO’s panels are distributed worldwide from his headquarters in Italy and flagship store in the U.S. Partnering with interior design firms, concept stores, business professionals and organizations ranging from catering to wellness has proven the versatility of the panels allowing them to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.  Alex Turco did not just stick to paintings, he recently added the waterproof wall cladding art range with a limitless array of designs and colors, he even introduced a line called Middle East which caters to the taste of the clients from this part of the world. You won’t be able to feel the magnificence of his art until you see them up-close and personal, there is a 3D effect where you can feel the texture portrayed in the paintings. In the below photos you can see some of these artistic installations whether waterproof wall collections or paintings.
















About Alex Turco:



Alex Turco was born in Udine, Italy on March 5, 1979. As a young man, his father was an excellent painter before becoming a graphic designer and then a photographer, as he still is today: so right from when he was a little boy, Alessandro Turco’s sensitivity and aesthetic sense were encouraged and developed by the passion his father handed on to him. Alex grew up with paints and brushes as his everyday toys, in daily contact with all that his father used and learning many different artistic techniques, including some which are no longer used today. It was not long before he started making weekly visits to the studio of the well-known Italian artist Giorgio Celiberti, who became almost a guru to Alex in every sense of the word.In 2006 he moved to Milan, the home of design and fashion, to start his first business project: ALEXTURCO New.Pics.Art was created to manufacture and sell Alex’s creations in the field of interior design and applied art. The company was immediately successful with the Milan jet set, and many well-known television, film and music celebrities, as well as important business people in general, wanted a work of art created by Alex using his unique mixed-media technique. His career took off internationally in 2008 with some projects carried out in the United States for Fendi Casa: Alex’s decorative panels can be found in the Fendi showrooms in Miami, New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. Alex began to be increasingly known and not just from an artistic point of view. He was also appreciated for the innovation seen in his work: an artist who is a not painter, a graphic designer who is not an advertising man, a non-professional photographer, an entrepreneur who is not a manager. By chance, he gave himself the nice new name of ART DESIGNER, and the large-scale promotion of Alex and his products really took off under the brand ALEXTURCO ART DESIGNER. Today, Alex’s DECORATIVE ART PANELS can be found in the most elegant Italian and American homes: they are considered to be cult objects and are much sought after by new fashion models and design addicts. In the coming years, Alex wants to concentrate on expanding his commercial network but without, of course, forgetting the creative-artistic side, his research and that magical touch of innovation and refinement that makes his work sought after and loved by everyone. The road to building an international brand bearing his name will certainly be long and hard, but this mission is extremely clear in his vision for the future.

For more information visit their link: Alex Turco

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