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ALEX TURCO’s panels are distributed worldwide from his headquarters in Italy and flagship store in the U.S. Partnering with interior design firms, concept stores, business professionals and organizations ranging from catering to wellness has proven the versatility of the panels allowing them to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.  Alex Turco did not just stick to paintings, he recently added the waterproof wall cladding art range with a limitless array of designs and colors, he even introduced a line called Middle East which caters to the taste of the clients from this part of the world. You won’t be able to feel the magnificence of his art until you see them up-close and personal, there is a 3D effect where you can feel the texture portrayed in the paintings. In the below photos you can see some of these artistic installations whether waterproof wall collections or paintings.













Paintings: Tales from Lebanon

Paintings are very personal; their addition to any space can transform its entire character. An interior designer feels the project is complete with these valuable additions especially if they reflect a character or tell a story. In our modern times, with the advance and appreciation of forms and colors, well established proportions are essential in every artwork, if not done properly, could cause an eyesore and mess up the entire feel of the space.

In this post I will be mentioning two young Lebanese artists I had the chance to see their work evolve in the past few years. Their work is abstract yet full of emotion and character.

Paula Chahine is an artist I know personally, her work is very inspiring. Her display of the human body and its movements in addition to the vibrant colors and beautiful lines has made her very popular among those who have an appreciation for the young spirited art. The selection below is among my favorites, as an added service she does custom-made paintings, “l’art sur mesure”, to accommodate a client’s color or theme preference while maintaining her own style.


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