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9 Sep ’12

A Narghile That Acts As A Spa | Wellness

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Could this be the answer to the smoking ban in public recreational areas? Airdiem have come up with a solution for an argeeleh/narghile/shisha that uses actual minerals & food aromas to create vapor instead of actual smoke, mimicking the pleasurable effect smoking a narghile gives by using Armatherapy which is actually beneficial to the consumer. This is a much more expensive concept given the minerals and high end narghiles used, but do you think it could be a solution to luxury hotels & restaurants?

I attached in this post the actual data released yesterday by Airdiem describing their new concept and how it works. When I first posted about them they were using actual tobacco. So this is all their wording below:

The fast development in the hospitality industry in the last 20 years perfectly materializes the new trends and our hyperactive urban lifestyle. The massive presence of SPAs in the high end 5* hotels evoked as a response to the need of rest.
The late evolution of the SPA industry leads more and more to an idea of well-being, medical spa and Art-de-Vivre. Through embracing all the senses, Spas become an efficient way of physical as well as mental relaxation
In the 19th century, as shown in ancient paintings, the pleasures of taste and aroma were inseparable from the pleasures of bathing. However, with the DIET boom the pastries and other delicatessens, including the narghile, withdrew from the SPA concept.
Nowadays, AIRDIEM renews the association between wellness and taste with an innovative and fresh new concept, aligned with the Global Spa&Wellness Summit trends indicated on the latest conference.
The narghile is worldwide appreciated, from Russia to China. Airdiem products with their cosmopolite look, elegant and modern designs have become the worldwide reference for narghiles. Airdiem develops and renovates the use and the concept of the narghile emphasizing the excellence of a unique approach of “école française du narghilé”. Bringing back the serving rituals and developing new tastes and technologies of evaporation we suggest a new and unique Spa and Wellness concept.




Airdiem’s exclusive system allows tasting in SPAs
 – without any restriction
 – Airdiem’s aromatherapy concept has a calming relaxation effect

Until now the base for a narghile use was a tobacco or tea leaves mixture, saturated with honey, sugar and fruits. Airdiem’s new proposal has a base of fine porous mineral stones saturated with natural food aroma oils. Through distillation from this base aromatic and pleasurable vapors are extracted.


The Narghile is the supreme polysensorial product.

Touching the 5 senses:
 Sound: The sound of the inhaled air, crossing the water as bubbles, makes a funny gurgle noise.
 Smell: The discrete perfumed odor is nice and pleasant even for the others in the room.
 Touch: The touch of the handful, joins the mouth with elegance, the gesture is lithe.
 Taste: The lasting process gives nice taste for 50 minutes of delight experience.
 Vision: The visibility of the vapors makes the breath alive , drawing the air.
The Narghile works as follows: it distillates a humid base (mixture) thanks to the heat from a special charcoal placed above the mixture. While inhaling, the coal is poked up and the air, filled with the taste of the mixture, goes through the water of the vase where it is cooled and filtered.







The burner is the only part of the narghile that turns warm, all the other parts stay cool, including the water.
The alimentary fine china burner is covered by a metal grill that protects and encloses the coal, while insuring a perfect airing.


I am no health professional, but do you think this concept is as beneficial as it claims it is?


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