‘Un Peu de Kil Shi’ Named Blog of the Week


I have to admit I am really flattered this blog has been named blog of the week on the Lebanon Aggregator. I am not sure if that or what Liliane had to say about it was more flattering. I am proud to be among this blogosphere and the Lebanese twitterverse for that matter.


Thank you again, I hope this blog will always be up to the standards. With your support I am sure it will be !

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  1. Dear Sahar! Congradulations. I ve been visiting your blog since last past one month & enjoying very much.I realize blogging needs dedication and selfmotivations which I think u do have.Eventhough I m new into blogosphere I find it very exciting&interactive.I ll be travelling to LA on 26th of Feb to join design bloggers meeting.The content of the meetings seems good, maybe u also wb interested in. Check it out!Wishing continues of your sucess.Tijen

  2. Thank you all for your wonderful comments:)

    Liliane what you already are doing across the social media globe for all Lebanese bloggers is just amazing:) Thank you on behalf of all of us:)

    Anis, thank you for your support, it means alot to me 🙂

    Tijen (Design Mixer, I have noticed your visits and beautiful feedback and appreciate it very much! I would love to be among the design bloggers but I’m not sure I will be able to make it. Maybe you can share your experience on your blog and this way we can all enjoy it 🙂

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