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14 Jan ’16

Movie Director Michael Bay Bel Air Breathtaking Villa| Residential Design



Director Michael Bay  (Transformers, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor) commissioned this stunning 30,000 SF  three-story Los Angeles residence, which was originally conceived by architect Chad Oppenheim and realized by the architecture firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios and interior designer Lorraine Letendre, with additional work by decorator Lynda Murray.



23 Feb ’15

El Bosque House by Ramon Esteve Estudio | Residential Design


Known for their minimalist designs, Ramon Esteve Estudio from Spain have designed and completed the El Bosque House in 2014 located in Chiva, Spain.


27 Sep ’11

The Good Residence | Residential Design


Known as “The Good House”, this minimal residence is located in Sandringham, Victoria, Australia designed by by Crone Partners. If I were to choose between an oversized residence and this one, I would definitely go for this simple yet architecturally powerful house. I for one appreciate the art of overlapping volumes, minimal use of materials and colors, and a lot of sunshine.


“Each “box” represents a distinct portion of the overall program. A sleeping / study zone, a living zone, a garage / workshop, and cantilevered above all of this, a parents retreat, complete with its own living area and secluded outdoor terrace.” Perfect….













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