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13 Aug ’11

Architect Barbie Has an Eco-friendly Home


It was a thrill for women of our field when we heard of the new profession for Barbie, an architect. The announcement was made earlier this year and since, a competition to design her house was in the works. A “green” house is what was anticipated and its what the result was. The house has all forms of entertainment included, and conforming to the USGBC standards for green building. That’s probably a message to all architects out there to promote green building further. The 4 story building is very stylish meant to be overlooking the Pacific. It houses a large kitchen, open living room, office and library so she can work on her architectural projects. But since Architect Barbie is also very stylish and takes good care of her well being, the third floor is dedicated to her clothes, bedroom and bathroom. The fourth floor is mainly for meditation and exercise. The interesting part is that the rooftop deck has a landscaped green roof topped off with solar panels.


In addition to the green roof and solar panel, the windows have Clear View Secondary Glazing and operable shades to limit solar heat. Appliances that cut down electrical consumption, eco friendly materials,and a large garden are among its most interesting eco oriented features.



The Barbie dream house is designed by Ting Li and Maja Parklar, the announcement was made on August 2, 2011.

Images and info source: Inhabitat

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