MINI ‘Rocketman’ at Geneva Motorshow | Exhibition

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The Geneva Motorshow taking place from March 3-13 2011 will showcase many “stars” as they called them. This year BMW MINI introduces the Rocketman, the smallest vehicle the brand has produced since 1959. The MINI has to be one of my favorite cars.


“ Measuring just under eleven feet in length, the three-door vehicle features three seats, with a fourth optional to add to the rear.The trunk capacity is likewise flexible, and accessible through a design that splits the cars tailgate into two parts: a top segment attached to the roof that lifts upwards, and a lower component which extends outwards from the body like a drawer.

The car’s doors are double-hinged, sliding forward and out in addition to swinging open, to provide easy entry and exit even in close quarters.


Inside, the Rocketman is designed with a leather interior and wrap-around light strip. The center control console and dashboard, operated through either steering wheel buttons or a trackball, features 3D graphic capabilities, allowing more immediately relevant information to be presented in the foreground, while less important data remains accessible but not distracting.”


Information and photo source: designboom

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