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31 Aug ’14

Chotto Matte Restaurant in London | Lighting Design



.PSLAB have been appointed to design custom lighting for several projects around the world. Almost every week we hear of a new one and each has its own distinct style. They have been all over Europe & the Middle East, this project, however, is in Soho, London.


Fusing Japanese and Peruvian food and cultures, Chotto Matte brings modern Tokyo underground to a 1960s residential building in Soho through a mix of eclectic collaborators without resorting to stereotypical visual references.

.PSLAB was chosen to create the lighting concepts, as well as design and manufacture custom-made fixtures for the bar, the dining area and a full-wall graffiti mural.

To emphasize different aspects of the space, without lighting it up completely, .PSLAB divided their response strategy into two main types of insertions. The first consists of dim sculptural lighting elements to create an ambient addition to main pillars of the space, the bar and the columns. The second is a technical layer illuminating the tables and the graffiti wall.











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