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18 Dec ’11

Bocci Introduces Colors To Its 28 Series Collection | Lighting Design


Bocci has introduced a huge range of color in its 28 series collection. Creative Director Omer Arbel’s intent behind 28 was to design a system that produces form, rather than designing form itself. A magnificent success, the pendants are designed to cluster in hexagonal shapes, which nestle into one another. Adding color introduces a grand range of infinite possibilities, from clustering by similar hues to creating amazing multicolor installations.Thus, every 28 series pendant made is formally different from any other in existence.






28 series pendants are designed to cluster in hexagonal shapes, which nestle into one another to create patterns as dictated by the needs of the interior. They may also be clustered or composed in an ambient manner similar to their distant cousins the 14’s.

Standard 28 series pendants are made with clear glass exterior spheres and milk white interior glass cavities. Custom 28 series pendants are possible with infinite versatility in color compositions, sizes and shapes.




About Bocci

Bocci is a contemporary design and manufacturing house based in Vancouver, Canada, with a satellite company based in Berlin, Germany.Even though their pieces focus on the more emotional, irrational and romantic shades of the contemporary design spectrum, Bocci are deeply committed to rigorous and intelligent execution. They are not afraid of technical complexity, and are constantly searching for technical innovation. When they came to the conclusion that commercially available lamps did not meet their rigorous quality standards, they developed and are now manufacturing their own proprietary Xenon and LED lamps, which have longer lamp lives and lower failure rates than any available alternative.

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