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The design and concept of Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait has been the center of the local media’s attention recently, it has created the biggest buzz since the completion on the Hamra Tower. The name of the park is Al Shaheed which means The Martyr in Arabic, this is what brought up the concept of creating a space to honor the war martyrs through national celebrations and festivals.

“Each of the building programs inserted in this Park reconversion must be read as a carefully staged plan of action with precise formal and social objectives. These are components of a comprehensive project of the Amiri Diwan to instigate the participation of national citizens in the city’s public space beyond the private owned shopping malls ‘gallerias’. Today, this larger conception informs the Emir Office’s practice and social policies.”



Many furniture pieces were supplied by Pro-design Group, especially the beautiful counter from Brabbu shown above.




Project details:

Project Construction Manager: Kharafi National, Eng Jacob Kurian
Lead Consultant: The Associated Engineering Partnership (TAEP)
Landscape Consultants: Stroop | landscape urbanism
Lead Designers: Ricardo Camacho (Architecture), Sara Machado (Landscape)
Interior Design: Sara Saragoca
Design Team Collaborators: : Frederico Barosa, Sarah Behbehani, Abdulaziz Al Khandari, Rita Tadi, Fernando Martins, Nuno Sequeira, Hugo Ferreira, Graca Vaz, Miguel Costa, Yousef Abdulaal
Structural Design: Al Farooqi Engineering Consultants Bureau (Kuwait, Serbia), R5 Engenharia (Portugal)
Mep Design: Kharafi National, Eng Magdy Mohamed (MEP Design Coordination)
Irrigation Design: Geodesenho (Portugal), Eng Pedro Nobre Correia
Civil Landscape: ProGolf (Brazil), Eng. Benjamim Silva
Acoustics And Thermal: Psicometro (Portugal)
External Lighting: Atelier33 Architectural Lighting Design Beirut (Lebanon)
Facade Designer: Alico Projects Department (Kuwait)
Green Roof Design: ZinCo GmbH (Germany)
Identity And Project Communication: Ze Pedro Font Amado (Wang Design)
Environmental Consultant: Fahed Shuaibi (Amiri Diwan Consultant)



All details on the project and each building are on Archdaily’s website. check the link below.

Photography by Nelson Garrido



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