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15 Sep ’14

A Look Into Joan Rivers Penthouse | Celebrity Homes


Regardless of what our opinion is of the late comedienne Joan Rivers, who was known for being racist against Palestinians, we can’t deny the fact that she was a star who left a grand impact on many throughout her career. Unfortunately,  I never find anyone who makes fun of people for a living amusing in any way.

Enough with that rant, this post is not about her as a person but about the extravagant 5000 sq. ft. penthouse she lived in since 1980’s where she decided she wanted gold pillars ,  in fact you will find gold adorning almost every area in the penthouse.













The comedienne, who died last week at the age of 81, once described the Upper East Side condo as ‘where Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had the money’.

The limestone mansion was built in 1910 for society figure John R Drexel and his socialite wife.





The penthouse is estimated to go on sale for around $35,000,000.

Daily Mail

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  1. Clearly, you are confusing Joan Rivers' stand-up comedy with her real-life personality. And she doesn't "make fun of people for a living". She pokes fun at movie stars and celebrities (most of whom she is personal friends with) and the one person she makes fun of most of all is HERSELF.

    It's always astounding to me when people don't think twice about a male comedian who says the same very exact things. They're just being funny because they're comedians, but when Joan did it, she was being a bitch! What a RIDICULOUS double standard. Show a little respect.

    Comment by Shane Lear — 16 Sep ’14 @ 2:19 am

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