X-Federation Chair By Victor Vetterlein | Furniture

This is probably the most good looking stacking chair I have ever seen! New York designer Victor Vetterlein came up with an x-shaped frame and very thin legs and called it : X-Federation. This chair is composed of laminated wood combined with carbon fiber fabric – a material strengthening technique used in boat building and further developed in the skateboard industry.

An optional arm rest is available that fastens to the back and sides of the chair. The X-Federation Elite Class chair comes with a solid brass armrest and leg sleeves, which takes the chair design to a whole new level!


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  1. I don't know how the designers get these kinds of amazing designs in their thoughts. I always astonish by thinking about this one. Really, the X-Federation Elite Class chair is excellent and more elegant in design and structure. Most of the people like to own these kinds of amazing designed chairs only. Thank you for posting this amazing stuff.

  2. I'd love to know how designers come up with these ideas. I was convinced that we would be stuck with gaudy stackable chairs for all eternity, but these pieces have really changed my mind. Whilst I love the X-Federation Elite Class chair, I can see it adding a pretty penny onto the already-likely-to-be-expensive price – I can dream though!

  3. Excellent chair!!! which is very fantastic to see and it is very hot to look. I am very happy to know it and sure the content will be very important and sure the article must useful to me as well.

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