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28 May ’12

Thomas Pheasant Creates A New Collection For Baker | Furniture


Every year Baker put the spotlight on one of their top designers. This year at Highpoint, Baker revealed the new collection by award winning Washington D.C.-based designer, Thomas Pheasant who is celebrating his 10th year with Baker.

Thomas Pheasant is recognized internationally for his interior design and furniture collections. His signature style is modern elegance—calm and luxurious interiors of quality and comfort, bringing a contemporary dimension to classical designs.

The direction and focus of Pheasant’s new designs articulate his personal and professional evolution. It is his mastery of understatement and unexpected detail that creates a captivating sensuality in his pieces. He has created a body of work that speaks to the intricacy and art of fine craftsmanship.










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The iconic piece from this collection and probably from all of Thomas Pheasant’s work is the Klismos chair which is a must-have chair.

The klismos chair has been evolving for centuries. With the tufted version of the Athens Lounge Chair, Thomas Pheasant pushes that timeless form to the limits of even hand craftsmanship. Never have its sweeping silhouette and lean frame been so exaggerated. Or so modern.
The wood frame of the Athens Chair sets off the fabric, and it makes for a great view from all angles. Now fully evolved, it also allows for the depth and pitch essential to having comfort without heft. Custom cast, ribbed Bronze collars and capitals give the Athens a certain volume to its voice. This is a surprisingly practical chair, open to a surprisingly broad range of fabrics, for today and tomorrow. Some owners will use it for a single, very potent accent chair. Others will fully embrace the idea in a setting of two or four.

Baker have a beautiful blog post explaining the entire process of coming up with the design of this chair and how Pheasant was inspired. For full details, go to this link.

Baker in Kuwait is found at Tilal Mall in Shoueikh Tel. 22255208

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