Yesterday March 24, 2015 a private viewing of the ‘Silene’ Cuff by Zaha Hadid in collaboration with AWMouzannar was held at Qirdala, a jewelry shop in Tilal Complex, Shwaikh, Kuwait. The event showcased the cuff along with some of the finest pieces designed by Alia & Dori Mouzannar.


Sahar wearing Zaha Hadid Cuff

me trying it on, loved how light it is


The cuff is made of 12 pieces and is encrusted with 1048 diamonds. The prototype shown is made of brushed white gold but can be ordered in either pink or yellow gold. The price was not disclosed, but what I got to know is that only 12 pieces will be made, 2 have already been sold.

“Silene expresses the fluidity and complexity of natural forms,” said Hadid. “An intricate web gently envelops the pristine white gold cuff resulting in a delicate piece that explores the evolution of organic geometries and patterning.”


In the slide show above, there are some images of the beautiful collections by both Dori & Alia Mouzannar. Dori’s pieces are all signed with a ruby, which is such a creative and lovely signature. His designs are very robust and elegant, I fell in love with every piece. Alia Mouzannar has an architect’s approach of being practical yet very well defined, her jewelry can be used in various forms yet still maintaining an elegant look in every way they are worn.

Sahar Ghazale

Me wearing the Silene Cuff by Zaha Hadid for AWMouzannar


About Alia & Dori Mouzannar:


Alia mouzannar


Dori mouzannar

Check the collection tonight at Qirdala in Tilal Complex or you can  see the collections on their website.


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