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31 Aug ’10

The Story of a Scarf

Once a sweat cloth, now a fashion statement, the scarf has become one of the must-have accessories for every woman to spice up her look. But to Hermès it became not only that, but part of the legendary brand’s identity as well. In the light of that, they came up with the idea of Le Carré Hermès, a book all about the famous Hermès square scarves. This book features 150 scarves each of which tells a story through its colors, designs, and patterns. The book is by the art and architecture writer Nadine Coleno.

Inspired by Burberry‘s “Art of The Trench” which was a big hit, Hermès launched at the beginning of this month “J’aime Mon Carré“. A web site dedicated to the “Carré” and all the ways girls around the world are wearing it. It even teaches you how you can wear it or tie it in the same way. The possibilities of wearing the scarf are endless. Most Luxury brands have among their collections beautifully designed scarves and pashminas. Below you will find images from those brands namely Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo,Missoni, & Emilio Pucci. The first batch is from the book “Le Carré Hermès”, the remaining are selections from each brand’s Fall/ Winter 2010/11 collection.

Hope you like them.

Dior - Ingrid Red

Louis Vuitton- Cosmic Blossom

Louis Vuitton- Monogram Rock

Louis Vuitton- Monogram Trunk

LV- Reykjavic

Burberry- Burgundy

Burberry-silk tweed

Burberry-Cashmere crinkled mega check

Ferragamo-Printed Silk oblong

Ferragamo- Printed Silk

Ferragamo-Shawl Oblong


Emilio Pucci

If you have trouble tying your scarf fashionably, below is an illustration taken from Fashion Scarves and Shawls.

Images of the book Le Carré Hermès are taken from Luxuo.

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