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24 Jun ’15

Yazan Paints Sabah on The Streets Of Beirut | Street Art



Yazan Halwani, a graffiti/street artist born & raised in Beirut, Lebanon,  painted a grand mural in Hamra, Beirut as a tribute to the legendary Lebanese singer Sabah who passed away in November 2014. The mural shows the singer smiling, revealing her friendly character and a great welcome to those entering Hamra street.



10 Sep ’14

Street Art in Paris by Pejac | Art

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Spanish artist Pejac has created some breathtaking street art around Paris. He is well known for his silhouettes. I love how he mimicked ants yet used forms of humans. the door is very believable as well.


17 Oct ’12

The Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic | Art

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With the aim to surpass the previous world record for the largest coffee bean mosaic held by artist Saimir Strati, Russian artist Arkady Kim revealed her beautiful work which she called Awakening. Her mural had to meet requirements related not to the span of the artwork, but rather to the weight of the beans.



20 Jul ’12

Breathtaking Interactive Street Art | Art

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My Modern Met compiled a few images of some really amazing interactive street art around the world where the public can actually be part of. They have the details of every single one of them on their website. These are just beautiful and extremely creative!


16 Sep ’11

When Street Art And Food Meet | Restaurant Design


In Miami, specifically Wynwood Walls Park, Tony Goldman offered the exterior of the buildings owned by Goldman Properties to international artists selected by New York gallery Deitch Projects. What was once just a warehouse, is now plastered inside out with street art of different styles and themes. Goldman’s daughter, Jessica, came up with the idea of turning one of the warehouses into a restaurant, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. The restaurant finishes were mediocre, but the installations and transformation of the space was beautiful and well done. The restaurant is an attraction for hundreds of artists especially that Miami is popular for the Art Basel Miami Beach that takes place annually.

The difficulty in the transformation was not harming the murals specially when they were deciding where the location of the door and other major elements would be. When that happened, the artists would help out and incorporate the functional elements within the mural.

“Wynwood Walls will be getting six more murals before Art Basel 2011. But the park itself, which consists of a few re­purposed tractor tires, some blacktop, and some grass, will never get any fancy landscaping. "This is Wynwood," Samson says. "We’re not going to Disneyland it up." That means no birds-of-paradise and no palm trees.”











Designed by : James Samson


Interior Design Magazine

9 Sep ’11

Street Art In Beirut Captured By Ginane | Art

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297206_285042078175942_111217515558400_1311270_990573311_n posted these beautiful artistic graffiti found on the streets of beirut. An artist by the name of Ginane  Makki Bacho has taken the issue of discovering local street art in her own hands. Although Lebanon’s walls are more known for political messages, I actually loved the colors and compositions in these specific works. You can check Ginane’s page and for more.








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