Pomellato 2012 Collection Now In Kuwait | Fashion

Known as jewelry of the stars, Italian jewelry brand Pomellato introduced its 2012 collection last Wednesday May 9,2012 in Kuwait at its boutique in Thuraya Mall, Salmiya. The LaCkore is where you can get the best handcrafted jewelry.

Pomellato’s 2012 Collection comprises jewels that are always feminine and trendy, perfect to transform a woman, an outfit and an occasion into something truly unique. The exquisitely handcrafted and uniquely made creations are in gold, silver and precious stones to make every look even more special.


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Exclusive Images Of Roberto Cavalli’s First Home Collection In Milan

I just received these images of the first furniture collection ever by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, I am sure this will be one of the most controversial collections ever, what do you think?

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Chanel’s Boy Collection For Spring/Summer 2012 | Fashion

There is nothing like a designer bag to bring out the best of any outfit, not to mention help boost a woman’s confidence. Of all the new bags out there, I am currently head over heals for Chanel’s  Boy  collection. I loved it since it was introduced last May.

I was thrilled to come across Chanel’s Boy Spring 2012 collection on Purseblog, and will share it with you through the below slide show. The image featured on the top is my favorite, which is yours?

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House Reforma In Mexico | Residential Design

reforma house 1


This is a beautiful residential villa in Mexico by Central de Arquitectura emphasizing horizontal stone and concrete structure. The balance in open and closed areas, the harmony in use of materials is just amazing. The water feature, large glass panels, and wooden floor deck suggests the perfect harmonious structure.

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Windfall Chandeliers

windfall 3

Windfall is known worldwide as the dynamic contemporary chandelier brand, which is re-defining the nature of crystal chandeliers. Dutch born Roel Haagmans and German Clarissa Dorn were already experienced chandelier designers for other companies when they set up Windfall together in Munich in 2004, to explore the contemporary potential of crystal chandeliers.
Their knowledge of technical issues is considered not only world-class, but also probably unmatched, and with Windfall they have developed an aesthetic, which has brought them to the attention of a deeply fashionable Design crowd.
"Windfall have entirely re-invented how crystal can be used, stripping back the old idea of an overburdened chandelier to it’s essentials, and bringing a fresh, airy, contemporary quality to classic materials".

Windfall also supplies chandeliers for some of the world’s top luxury brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Cartier, and Mont Blanc.


Since starting the company in 2004, Windfall has collaborated with many leading architects and Light planners, including Italo Rota Architects (Milan) David Chipperfield Arch. (London), YOO Architects (London), Jestico & Whiles, Scott Brownrigg (London), Jean Philippe Nuel (Paris), KCA International (London), Reflexion (Zurich), HBA (Los Angeles), Bost Design (Berlin), Davis & Baron (London), Spence, Harris & Hogan (London), Plajer & Franz (Berlin), Gallery Dilmos (Milan), Paul Steelman Design (Las Vegas) and many more.


windfall 2




windfall 3

To View more of their projects and learn about their products click the link below.


Boxing Life Penthouse in Italy | Residential Design


Ufficio di Architettura has designed the interior of a 300 sq.m penthouse apartment in Turin, Italy in 2009  inspired by the oriental sensibility of the "box as a container full of instruments for the unfolding of human life". This house is the perfect concept of how architecture can organize the different zones and yet remain functional, transparent, and coherent. The use of neutral tones adds to the elegance of the volumes.







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Minimalist Luxury in Cape Town | Residential Design


Designing this house had to be a very tough task. As simple and minimal as everything looks, the idea of incorporating the exterior into the interior this smoothly requires a good eye and talent. The owner wanted the entire 335 sq.m to overlook the sea, after all who wouldn’t want to take full advantage of this breathtaking view . This house is occupied by a single person who regularly has guests over, thus you can feel there are areas more public than others, yet all open and embracing the beautiful nature surrounding it. This house is located in Camp Bay, Cape Town, Africa and designed by Luis Mira Architects.

The architect used neutral materials that allowed a contrast to the very rich landscape surrounding it, thus allowing the exterior to be easily invited into the interior. Such simplicity is a perfect example of how minimal design could be so luxurious when addressed properly. Enjoy the photos below.















Lamborghini Launches Carbon Fiber Bags | Fashion



Lamborghini just announced a line of carbon fiber bags. They have been known to believe in the development of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and used them in their supercars the Aventador and Sesto Elemento.

Lamborghini will launch the handmade collection of unisex bags in coming months through car dealerships and boutique stores around the world as well as though its online store, the prices have not been announced yet. Find the perfect dealership for your need at Buy here Pay here Dealerships service, they provide friendly and honest advice.


The bags come in three styles – a 20 x 9 x 11 inch Travel bag, a 15 x 4 x 12 inch Messenger bag and a 13 x 12 inch Envelope-style bag designed for carrying notebooks. Along with carbon fiber, the bags feature hand-stitched leather, galvanized brass accessories, hand-mounted studs and cotton lining.



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