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3 Jan ’11

Sex & the City in Baddakan NYC | Restaurant Design

Some movies are synonymous with their settings, such as “Central Perk” in Friends, and “Monk’s Cafe” in Seinfeld. But the movie where people followed the footsteps of the actresses the most was “Sex and the City”. Almost every girl wants to be in Carrie’s shoes (and closet); the special thing about the locations in this movie  is that they are real and not made up sets.The photos in the post are of the Buddakan NYC restaurant, where Carrie and Big had to rehearse for the wedding. Not only do I like this place because it was in Sex and the City, but because it was designed by one of my personal favorite designers, Christian Liaigre.

Where there was once a neighborhood full of slaughterhouses and meat packing plants, the area developed into a trendy spot full of fashion boutiques, top notch restaurants, and designer hotels such as Pastis . The advantage of the lofty industrial warehouses is the ability to create restaurants with tremendous scale. Named one of “America’s Top 50 Restaurants” by Travel + Leisure magazine, Buddakan has attracted an all-star clientele with its Modern Asian cuisine and dramatic atmosphere. It cost around $14,000,000 for an area of 1486 sq. m and accommodates up to 320 diners.

To check out a slide show of Sex & the City’s most famous NYC locations click here.



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