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Posted on January 6, 2011 in Finishes

Designing in Kuwait, the need to design a swimming pool or update its finish is on a constant rise. For that I opted to share with you an artistic method of using mosaic tiles in your swimming pool. In a future post I will share the flexibility of including this type of finish within other parts of your home, be it you flooring, the bedroom wall, the living room, bathrooms etc. Below you will find photos of the lovely mosaics designed and made by Sicis in Italy.

Sicis started in 1987 as a company specialized in mosaics. Its aim, however, was to allow others to see mosaic not as a simple tiling product, but as a means of communication, and an expression of trends, fashions, and lifestyle.

As far as SICIS is concerned, surfaces exist to be transformed into beauty and art form that represent the signs and languages of our time. It’s the mosaic tesserae that act as the interpreter, joined together in infinite chromatic and decorative combinations and shaping the outlines of architectural and living spaces.

Notice the beauty of the colors, the boldness in design, and the endless ways of implementing these designs.





Prices vary according to design and mosaic types used for each design. Pricing can only be done once measurements are taken and design is chosen.

In case you are interested in Sicis, kindly contact me for local supplier (Kuwait).


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