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4 Nov ’10

Patricia Urquiola | Designer of Elegance

A legend of Italian design, cultivated and elegant, with an extrovert Spanish temperament. This is the secret to Patricia Urquiola’s success. A designer who has given new meaning to living, classic and informal, intimate and versatile.

The entire interior of the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona is the work of Patricia Urquiola who is renowned for her gleeful, often multifunctional pieces for companies such as  B&B Italia , Moroso, Molteni &C, Alessi, Kettal, Emu, and many others.

Many of the furnishings having been specially designed for the Mandarin Oriental. All areas of the hotel have been furnished individually. Three suites, including the 200-square meter presidential suite on the ninth floor, are particularly spacious and exclusively fitted out.

The space includes a lit ramp which is suspended across the courtyard, leading the hotel’s entrance. Metal grilles provide divisions of space, but at the same time the perforations allow one to glimpse into the lobby. The walls are covered in 3D textured materials, giving depth to the space.

Patricia Urquiola has become in the past few years a name known for  original furniture design, the items that she designs keep returning to every year’s collection which makes them timeless. This has proved that having her name among the designers for any brand will reveal its sophistication and far-sightedness.

Below you will find images of her latest and most popular designs throughout the past years.


GAN Rugs/ Mangas

73164_157884004251665_112397672133632_301903_7984065_n globo-mg1-rug-3
40030_139877606052305_112397672133632_210366_3591800_n 68875_157883954251670_112397672133632_301901_5310403_n

B&B Italia

2798_L0_I2_CRINOLINE_AMB_01_A 2809_L0_I2_Crinoline_07
40474_138759152830817_112397672133632_202871_232897_n (1) 29239_125224364184296_112397672133632_134732_561436_n (1)
27869_120939037946162_112397672133632_116474_4668463_n (1) 2821_L0_I2_RAVEL2-006330
38059_133433356696730_112397672133632_173491_6588998_n (1) 38225_133052403401492_112397672133632_172145_6407080_n (1)
digitable 38225_133052406734825_112397672133632_172146_5191364_n (1)
08 29239_125224370850962_112397672133632_134733_4231957_n
38225_133052410068158_112397672133632_172147_5662224_n ravel

 Molteni & C

2425267681_764c662fc5_o 09
Milan2010-030-480x322 night&day molteni&C


38742_139189169454482_112397672133632_205272_3992231_n (1) 40408_139189122787820_112397672133632_205270_3755068_n (1)
38742_139189166121149_112397672133632_205271_73328_n (1)  
landscape- rosenthal 38742_139189172787815_112397672133632_205273_6138946_n (1)
silverlake moroso 31226_113498278690238_112397672133632_84389_5889262_n
hammock-by-patricia-urquiola fergana moroso
31226_113498282023571_112397672133632_84390_3897476_n moroso-patriciaurquiola
moroso bloomy chair 68793_158155107557888_112397672133632_303501_1830053_n
new spring redondo moroso
Driade Emu
pavo driade Emu
bague-piccola-urquiola-gerotto-foscarini-square urquiola-gerotto-caboche-pendant-lamp_18


31226_113498272023572_112397672133632_84387_2304459_n (1) Maia-de-Kettal-3

 Hans Grohe

axor4 axor
1 axor3

Agape                                                                   Mutina Tiles

pear agape Mutina tiles


Kartell frilly-chair-3 03

De Padova

05 lavenham2
lavenham1 lavenham3



04 19072.C7703C86


Paola Lenti



Mandarin Oriental | Barcelona

v309903_958_480_320-12 v309903_958_480_336-22
v309903_958_480_320-25 v309903_958_480_360-10
v309903_958_480_360-13 v309903_958_480_720-26
v309903_958_480_320-24 v309903_958_480_320-23
v309903_958_480_320-15 v309903_958_480_320-14
v309903_958_480_338-18 v309903_958_480_585-19
v309903_958_480_720-16 v309903_958_480_451-9
v309903_958_480_452-29 v309903_958_480_360-27


Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain . She attended the faculty of Architecture of Madrid Polytechnic where she graduated in 1989 having done a thesis with ACHILLE CASTIGLIONI. From 1990 TO 1992she was assistant lecturer on the courses held by  ACHILLE CASTIGLIONI and EUGENIO BETTINELLI both at Milan Poytechnic and E.N.S.C.I. in Paris. Between 1990 AND 1996 she worked for the new development office of DE PADOVA and with VICO MAGISTRETTI signed the products: “FLOWER”, “LOOM SOFA”, “CHAISE” and “CHAISE LONGUE”. From 1993 TO 1996 she had an associate practice with architects DE RENZIO and RAMERINO and was engaged in architectural design, showrooms, restaurants, and franchising (MASKA/ITALY, TOMORROWLAND STORES/JAPAN, DES PRES/FRANCE). In 1996 she became head of the Lissoni Associati design group, working for Alessi, Antares-Flos, Artelano, Boffi, Ceppelini, Cassina, Kartell, and others. At the same time, on her own, she designed for B&B, Bosa, De Vecchi Too, Fasem, Kartell, LIV’IT, MDF, Molteni & C., Moroso and Tronconi and designed stands and showroom for Knoll, Moroso, SAG 80. and Somma. Her products were selected for the Italian Design 2001 Exhibition and for international design yearbook 1999 and 2001. In 2001 she was chair of the jury for the 19th CDIM Design award and was lecturer in the Domus Academy.

She is currently conducting her professional activity in her own studio in Milan in the field of design, exhibitions, art direction, and architecture.


  1. Hello design lovers!
    I recently visited London and I came across a beautiful furniture showroom called Chaplins, which had B&B, Vitra, Gandia Blasco… amongst other lovely brands… I bought a lovely Terzani lamp. Check out their website it’s really nice!

    Comment by Julio Garcia — 15 Nov ’10 @ 4:56 pm

  2. Oh my god!!! What a designable chairs here. Really, I am very amazed to see those of chairs model. I am sure that those of chair model will be very fantastic and I must buy one chair form here to get the comfortable leisure period.

    Comment by hammock stand — 8 Nov ’14 @ 12:41 pm

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