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Fendi Casa have had several iconic and ultimately luxurious projects in areas such as Miami and New York not to mention the private jets and yachts. All their interiors are fully furnished with Fendi Casa furniture,  accessories (mirrors, vases, piano, etc..) , and lighting. so anything, even the shelving in these images,  are by Fendi Casa. The photos practically speak for themselves. All of the shown items can be ordered through any Fendi Casa dealer. In Kuwait the brand is represented by Design Circle +965 22255205/6.












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  1. This is truly charismatic and elegant Interior Designs. The bedroom and the living room designs are truly adorable. I just love to have such Interiors for my home too…
    Thanks for sharing

  2. This is truly awesome designs about the interior designs. The application of uplifting color schemes, well-designed furnishings and furniture and the thoughtful manipulation of light and space, can all make a real difference to how we feel about and in an environment.

  3. These photos are amazing! The styling of the rooms is very classy and sophisticated without taking away from the functionality of the space, which is something that so many people struggle to do today. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Simplicity is definitely the way forward…solid colours that compliment one another is the key! Taken a whole new direction from the tradition floral designs on the walls and rugs! Great images!

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