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18 Jul ’14

Is your jewelry complementing your outfit?

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Before you step out the door and give yourself one last look, are you making sure your jewelry complements your outfit? With so many styles available these days it’s tough to know exactly what will look good with what. Here are some basic tips that should help you choose the right pieces for any outfit in your closet!

Choose necklaces with necklines that complement your face shape: If you have a round face then stay away from chokers or anything that will accentuate the fullness around your neck; instead opt for long pendant (or drop) style necklaces that are slightly wider at the bottom than the top to balance the proportions of the face and draw the eye upward toward your eyes for a slimming effect.

For square faces look for pieces that have angular shapes or geometric shapes like triangles to break up the angles of the face and soften the look a bit – think pendants with a pointed bottom edge or even some lariat-style chains that can hang down in a V-shape from the neck to help elongate the neck and create balance in the face as well.. Finally if you have a heart-shaped or face go for rounded shapes and longer lengths as this will help balance out the width of the jaw line and create a more flattering overall appearance for the facial structure.

Some will say your shoes or handbag are the accessories that make your look, but I beg to differ. Jewelry adores the most noticeable areas of your body so choose your statement pieces with great care and make sure they work with your clothing choices to create an overall cohesive and stylish ensemble every time! Mastering the art of styling jewelry should be learned by everyone, find jewelry here and start finding your style.

Accessorizing correctly can help create many different looks from casual to dressy and everything in between with just a few simple tweaks to your standard wardrobe staples and a few carefully chosen pieces of statement-making jewels to go with it all. I hope these tips help you the next time you’re getting dressed to go out with friends or even just to run errands around town…and remember have fun doing it!

June Birthstone Jewellery: The Best Rings, Necklaces And Earrings In Pearl,  Alexandrite And Moonstone | Glamour UK

Besides considering the color and style of your jewelry, you also need to pay attention to how it looks against your skin. There are basically two types of skin – warm and cool tones which affect how light colors appear on your skin and how dark ones do too. The warm tone skin is reddish-brown and the cooler one is bluish-gray in color but there are also many shades in between such as olive green and yellow-green as well as pinks and peaches and so on that create different undertones in the skin tone that are warmer or more neutral in nature than those on the extreme ends of the spectrum above…. Warm skin tones tend to have yellow and red in their undertone while those with a cool complexion have more blue and purple hues to their coloring so the general rule is that those with redder hair and/or eyes usually fall into the “warm” category and those with lighter hair and eye color are more often considered to be of a more “cool” nature when it comes to their skin colors.

This of course is not a hard and fast rule though because there are many exceptions to every rule that make this one just as complicated to figure out. Just as some people look amazing in red and others look gorgeous in white, the color in our undertones plays a huge role in the kind of metals you should wear. So for example if you are a warm toned person you should avoid wearing silver as it will make you look washed out and even pale which is not a good look on anyone no matter what their skin color is since most people look better in gold or other darker options.

The same goes for those people with more of a golden hue to the skin who should avoid yellow gold as it tends to make them look more jaundiced looking than their other counterparts with silver or white metal.


  1. Love love love! I was wondering if you think 18k is okay compared to 14k gold. I have heard that 14k is harder material than 18k gold, and is better for jewelry. I have attached the link where I read this comparison. Thanks!

    Comment by Ryann — 15 Aug ’14 @ 8:31 am

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