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11 Jan ’11

How to Add Blue to Your Space the Minotti Way

Minotti presented their “Senza Tempo” collection last April put together by the famous Rodolfo Dordoni who has been coordinating their collections since 1997. The surprise in this collection was the emphasis on the Cobalt Blue color, an approach not usually taken by the minimalistic designs of Minotti. The way they introduced the blue gives us an idea on how to introduce such a bold color without losing the classy and neutral ambience often known as Minotti’s signature.

Minotti is without a doubt on top of the list of my favorite furniture brands, I say that with total pride. Just looking at the pieces and the ambiance they create together makes me feel home and at ease. For this fact alone, I personally have blind trust in what they do. When I heard Minotti are using blue in their 2010 collection, I froze for a while, but I knew instantly they would do it in a way no one else can. And voilà, the outcome is breathtaking!

The 60 year old company has with no doubt succeeded as a reference and benchmark for those seeking refinement and luxury and who are really aware of the quality and craftsmanship put into each piece.


The clean lines of these furnishings have no Baroque curves, no ornamental elements. Their simplicity is part of their allure, something the Italian designer has built a business on, one whose influence has spread from Los Angeles to Tokyo, and everywhere in between. They rely on the quality of their fabrics, the textures,and the sleek designs of their pieces.


Minotti in Kuwait is available at Design Circle, located in Tilal Complex Ground Floor (next to Fendi Casa)  in Shoueikh. Their phone number is: +965 2 22 55 205. For details on Minotti , their products and details you can check their newly revamped website:

I hope you get the chance to visit and check out this spectacular brand!

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