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6 Nov ’11

Frank Is A New Bank For The Young Only


This has to be one of the very smart ideas a bank in Singapore has come up with.

Frank by OCDC is a bank aimed at 18-30 year olds, with services, products, and branches tailored specifically to this group’s needs. Their focus is on attracting the young by introducing a customizable bank card by selecting different colors and theme prints. Recently they introduced the Smurfs theme to their cards. By looking at the bnk design, you would sense its actually a record shop and not an actual bank.

As for the services on offer, the bank account has a management system that lets customers separate savings from their expenses – a handy tool to have for a generation struggling to find their first job while paying off their debts.


The art canvas behind the counters in the FRANK Store is created by a popular local artist known as Wong Lip Chin.

Here’s his interpretation of “FRANK”:
An artwork that depicts FRANK’s brand values of being simple, stylish and meaningful, its rawness translates honesty and a ‘no-gimmicks’ attitude. The starkly contrasting colors also represent constellations against a night sky, a symbol of the brand new way to bank.

I was wondering however, what would happen when one turned 31 years old? do the transfer the account to a different bank?




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