Exclusive: Inside Roche Bobois Kuwait | Part 2


Roche Bobois to many means the stylish modern and fresh contemporary furniture brand, to others its their favorite provincial style  furniture with charm written all over it. Both styles have allowed it to become one of the most popular furniture brands worldwide appealing to a very large number of tastes. In a previous post I included photos of their contemporary collection showroom here in Kuwait, in this one you see exclusive photos of Roche Bobois’ Provincial showroom located adjacent to the first one, also at 7 Zones in Shoueikh.

“Provincial” is a description which means items pertaining to the Provence of France, designers there are known for their intricate details and rustic finishes. The woodwork is mostly handmade in the Provence by craftsmen known for their skills for ages. The introduction of bright colors to many of their signature pieces gives the classic designs a twist and distinct appeal.


Roche Bobois accessories are a world of their own, some are not part of our daily lives anymore yet look wonderful within the setting they are intended for.





Entering this showroom and wandering around is such a joyous experience, I encourage anyone with exquisite taste to check them out, they are constantly bringing in new pieces, all crafted to perfection.

Roche Bobois are located in Shoueikh, 7 Zones Design Center (close to Audi after the roundabout). Their number is +965 222 58 68 0. They also add daily images from Roche Bobois’ collection to their facebook page.

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