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5 Jan ’15

Bottega Veneta Raising Awareness to Preserve Japan’s Post-War Architecture | Architecture


As a longtime admirer of Japanese Modernism, I am deeply saddened that these great buildings might soon disappear. We hope that Bottega Veneta can help promote awareness of this issue, as we believe that great design is timeless. As part of the cultural heritage of the future, it would be a great loss for the next generation to be unable to embrace the beauty of these icons for themselves.” Tomas Maier

Due to the risk of losing much of Japan’s post-war architecture, Bottega Veneta Creative Director Tomas Maier, a lifelong architecture enthusiast, is raising awareness for, and encouraging the honoring of, these icons.

jp-modernism-architecture-4 With the preparations for the 2020 Olympics, several of the country’s most important Modernist gems such as the acclaimed Hotel Okura (scheduled to undergo renovation in 2015) are in peril. Without further consideration taken for these cultural landmarks, the beauty and the mastery they reflect will be forever lost, and unable to share with generations to come.


Bottega Veneta

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