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4 Jan ’12

AGI Architects Design Wafra Living Complex in Kuwait | Architecture


This is another project in Kuwait designed by an international architecture firm. I have no idea if it will actually be realized or just a concept for the WAF competition. I found the project interesting in terms of utilizing the best features of the location and enhancing others, allowing a great view for most tenants in addition to privacy and spaces to enjoy sports. In terms of aesthetics, I guess the openings are a bit too busy, but I would support it any day if it will be built with the exact characteristics mentioned by the architects.



The design for the ‘Wafra Living’ complex by AGi Architects won the first prize in the future project/residential category in the WAF 2011 competition. The proposal consists of a high rise building set back from the street and an L-shaped building defining the street edge, conceived to maximize privacy within the community, whilst providing ample natural light and usable indoor and outdoor common spaces. Cuts have been made in the front building in order to provide better views for the lower floor apartments in the back tower. The proposal combines at different levels domestic and collective scales, private and public, within the complex, whilst at the same time traces the way to merge in the neighborhood by offering part of the ground floor level (where the pedestrian and car access are) to community life through the retail facilities included. At level +6.00 m is created a “High Square”, a community space for the tenants to enjoy sports or any other leisure activities in a more private environment.A “veil” climbs the façade as an occupiable layer that conceals the various service spaces within the apartments that do not directly relate to the public. It also hosts the fire escape stairs, separated away from the cores to be placed in this secondary circulation layer that faces the inner courtyard of the complex.














Architects: AGi Architects
Location: Jabriya, State of Kuwait
Design Team: Dr. Nasser B. Abulhasan, Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea, Salvador Cejudo, Gwenola Kergall, Daniel Munoz, Stefania Rendinelli, Carmen Sagredo, Bruno Gomes, Jose Del Campo, Lucia Sanchez, Sharifa Alshalfan, Hanan Alkouh, Robert Varghese, Babu Abraham, Moyra Montoya, Nicolas Martin
Type: Housing | 6468sm
Year: 2010/2011
Client: Wafra Real Estate Co.

Via:  archdaily

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