Appreciating Concrete Collective furniture and home accessories is an art in itself, to me it’s probably the best part of my job as an interior designer. I am sharing with you in this post photos of the most beautiful pieces I cam across during my usual tours around Kuwait’s furniture showrooms. The above piece is one of the most beautiful by Fendi Casa from their 2011 collection, the Fabio sofa. The fabric is exquisite.


Kenzo Maison is known for its cheerful and lovely combination of colors and patterns. Check out the amazing detail on the sofa below, the cushions have a belt around them, how cute!IMG_4631


The sofa above is by Kenzo Maison as well called Papillon, they had set with a satin ruffle on the side, which is even prettier. It is such a cozy sofa.


This set is the current window display at Kenzo Maison in Tilal, loved the color palette.


The above sofa turns into a bed , fabric is inspired by their fashion line.


Kenzo Maison has several beautiful beds, the above is inspired by the Japanese Kimono.


This sofa is one of Fendi Casa’s latest addition to their collection called Varenne, the arms resemble the saddle. The accessory on the sofa is one of their most well-known pieces used to hide away remote control units.




Ralph Lauren Home has this beautiful set in Black from their popular One Fifth Collection. Both the dining set and the sofa give that trendy “New York” impression.




Laura Kirar’s Dining set is a beautiful addition to any home, it is elegant yet trendy, the wallpaper is selected by the famous designer Laura Kirar personally.




Barbara Barry is one of my favorite designers for Baker, the above cupboard is no exception to her elegant designs.


In case you didn’t know, Ralph Lauren Home has beautiful bed sets and towels, in addition to stylish bathrobes.



For stylish gifts, Ralph Lauren Home has a vast collection of the best scented candles on amazon, scents, frames, glassware, and others.


Ralph Lauren Home, Baker, Design Circle (Kenzo Maison & Fendi Casa) are all located in Tilal Mall Shoueikh, Kuwait.

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