Turkey’s Favorite Drama “Fatmagul” Used Baker Furniture


I am not sure how I got attached to this Turkish series, but Fatmagul is no ordinary show. I’ve watched the whole program awaiting the last episode which is supposed to air in Turkey this week. For those watching it, you already know that the main actress known as Fatmagul is in conflict with a rich family called the Yasarans over a rape case. To get back to the main topic of this post, the Yasarans lived a lavish life,And this was reflected in their furniture as well. Their main living areas were furnished with Baker furniture, below are the items they used.

In thier secondary reception, they also used this lounge chair not shown in the images above.

Baker Showroom in Kuwait is found at Tilal Mall in Shoueikh.

4 Replies to “Turkey’s Favorite Drama “Fatmagul” Used Baker Furniture”

  1. Do you maybe have a picture of the sofa at Moustafa’s appartment? I mean her ex fiance? This is a very interesting post and i was looking for pictures for furniture from that series!

      1. Glad you liked the post, i will watch an episode with his apartment in it and see if it is a familiar brand. If it is a Turkish made one it might be difficult to know. Will try my best and get back to you.
        Have great day!
  2. Seeing the furnitures, one could really tell how lavished they are. I particularly love the side table and the differing heights or sizes of the nesting tables. Very awesome!

  3. Well, I think it is one of the best furniture that suit on your house and using these furniture you can design your house in modern style or any style that you want.

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