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13 Jan ’12

The Etiquette Set | Tableware

Bring emphasis to your table décor by utilizing CV Linens’ lavish selection of  burlap table runner bulk, they are designed to be placed down in the middle of your table, to define your guest seating area as well as to create a stunning focal point to accentuate your centerpieces, table runners are an essential asset to tablescapes.


The etiquette set by Edward Vince is a complete, packaged dining kit including instructions which allows the user to enjoy an à la Russe dining experience in any context, regardless of class or wealth.

It combines the semiotics of a plastic Airfix model kit with the implied luxury of an à la Russe table setting, using what is essentially wastage from the mould to structure the pieces in the correct position.

The set retains the detailing, form and visual language of the ornate silver cutlery and ceramic plate, and forces these values into the context of mass production and contemporary consumer culture through manufacture, material choice, packaging and method of use and disposal.

The design and realization of this product is intended to comment on the loss of tradition, heritage and craftsmanship evident in the consumer culture of which we are part, and to question how and why we assign value to the different objects that surround us.







7 Sep ’11

Wine Glasses Based On Personality Types | Calici Caratteriali



A collection of wine glasses  by the name of CALICI CARATTERIALI were designed by Gumdesign based on “personality” types. This collection includes seven wine glasses with human characteristics: the introvert, the extrovert, the passionate, the altruistic, the ambiguous, the conservative, the relaxed. These experimental glasses were created for the Abitami show during the Macef home show in Milan taking place from September 8- 11,2011.

These are probably the most creative glasses I have come across, which is your favorite?










26 Jun ’11

Karl Lagerfield Glassware Collection | Complements & Accessories



The world renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld recently designed a collection of crystal glasses for Swedish Company Orrefors . Distinguished with the KL monogram, the collection includes champagne flutes bowls, vases, water and liqueur glasses. Finishes are in transparent, black ,or milky white.


13 Mar ’11

Royal Derby Recreates Titanic Tableware for the Ship’s 100th Anniversary


RMS Titanic is probably the most famous ship that has ever been built and ever sank. Built for the White Star Line by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, it was the largest passenger steamship of its day when it set off from Southampton on 10th April 1912. 2011 sees the 100th anniversary of the launch of this ship and to commemorate its 100th anniversary, British porcelain specialist Royal Crown Derby is reproducing the china that was originally created in 1911 for the liner.


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