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22 Sep ’15

Small Apartment for Father and Son | Interiors



This 73 sq.m apartment was designed by Glen Medioni for a father and his son. You can notice that the apartment looks a bit masculine and modern perfect for the clients. The wooden wall cladding separates the private areas from the common living room.

The apartment is beautiful in every way, you can’t even tell it’s just 73 sq.m. Very functional and perfect for their daily needs.

Enjoy the images.



27 Feb ’13

Black And White Apartment In Moscow | Interiors


If I were to live in a ” single's” apartment, it would look exactly like this one designed by Boris Uborevich-Borovsky, Irina Selezneva, Oksana Lobanova, and Aleksey Antonov. It is 140 sq.m and located in Moscow. What I loved about it is the lovely application of a monochromatic palette, giving the space an illusion of being larger and very bright. The use of some of my favorite B&B Italia pieces such as the Papilio armchair in the bedroom and the Tufty composition sofa shown here in black. Also used in the apartment is a parquet flooring & Antonio Lupi bathroom fixtures.

This is proof that simplicity can be beautiful when well applied.


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